iPhone 6S Can Still Normal Use After Soaking In Water For One Hour

According to technology website 9to5Mac reports, YouTube users Zach Straley posted a video showing the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus performance after water immersion.

In the video, the iPhone 6s Larry Lancaster and iPhone 6s Plus soaked in water, many times during the phone out to check the operation status. After soaking in water for 1 hour, the phones are taken out of the water, dried, and then examine them in detail whether the normal operation.

Despite soak 1 hour, but iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus still can operate normally. Screen is not affected in any way, no water stains. 3D Touch and power key performance perfect. Camera performance of normal, water does not seem to penetrate into the sensor. The most surprising is that the speaker can sound normal.

Lightning connector and headphone jack also not mentioned in the video, but later through Twitter Larry Lancaster said they normally use.

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