Three Methods To Solve The Problem Of iOS 9's Performance Degradation

Had been suffered attacks iOS 9, has become the fastest popularize operating systems in the history of Apple, do you believe it?

According to previously data released by Apple displayed, iOS 9 installation rate has reached 17.32% within 24 hours, and according to the latest data detected by the mixpanel today, iOS 9's update rate has increased to 30% within five days.

In fact, 30% is not a reliable number because Apple's official data released far more than this figure.

Apple's chief marketing officer Phil Schiller said in a press release, iOS9 downloads than Apple in the history of any piece of software, since its introduction, 50 percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users has upgraded to iOS 9, let Apple iOS 9 become the fastest upgrades operating system in the history of Apple.

Apple's latest iOS 9 has created a very impressive upgrade rate, but this is not the operating system itself is a wholly flawless. Because some loopholes exist that affect performance, the old section of the device after upgrading the operating speed may be affected. So how affected users to run as much as possible to improve system speed? Technology website OS X Daily given three recommendations.

OS X Daily noted that upgrading to iOS users may first try to close 9 transparency and dynamic effects, the specific method is to go to Settings> General> Accessibility> enhance contrast, and open "reduce transparency" function. Also in the auxiliary function menu which, you can also turn on "weakened the dynamic effect" function.

Subsequently, the user can disable the application background data on the device refresh. Specific way is go to Settings> General> background applications refresh, then the top of the "background application refresh" switch can be closed.

Finally, users can also disable Siri recommended settings were. The method is to go to Settings> General> Spotlight Search, and then close "Siri recommend" the top. But it is worth noting that this is one of the important functions of iOS 9, some users may not want to turn it off, especially for the fans, Siri.

If the effect of these methods do not work, then you can also choose to downgrade before plugging the Apple iOS 8.4.1, then wait for Apple to solve the existing problems in the performance of the new system upgrade.

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