iOS 9 Discovered New Vulnerabilities, Apps Can Not Get Sensor's Data

According to media reports, iOS 9 affect some of them there is a bug in the application to obtain the data from iPhone 6S compass and gyroscope, which also causes problems in key application function does not work properly.

Users reflect before, a iOS platform augmented reality applications Sky Guide there is a problem does not work on the iPhone 6S. Specifically, the application will use the iPhone's sensors had to render an interactive night sky map. However, running iOS 9.0 and 9.0.1 of the iPhone 6S runtime system, the application will work a problem. According to Sky Guide Developer Fifth Star Labs confirmed that the application of the "compass" function only cause problems in the iPhone 6S, other models are not affected.

Some of the remaining dependent on the iPhone digital compass, three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer augmented reality applications also appeared the same problem, but Apple maps application able to work, that analysis, this issue should be iOS API error. Currently, Fifth Star Labs is working to solve this problem.

Actually, this is not the first place. In the iPhone 5S was released, users had to reflect the application iOS 7 appeared compass reading error problems. At that time it was speculated that this is because Apple supplier after accelerometer from STMicroelectronics change to Bosch failed to properly bias correction firmware.

iPhone in gyroscope, accelerometer and compass are extremely sensitive components, hardware due to the different types and manufacturers produced / configuration drift, they are very difficult to integrate. A seemingly minor deviations may have application for the use of sensor data produce a significant impact.

According to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus dismantling, and last year's models, like these two devices are used in a InvenSense six-axis gyroscope / accelerometer chip and Bosch Sensortec triaxial accelerometer module. But the new M9 action coprocessor is now directly embedded in the A9 chip which, as a variety of sensor data center.

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