iOS 9 Began To Push The Official Version, Known As The Most Significant Upgrade In The History Of iOS

iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad for this edition there are many important improvements, and upgraded models are also very broad, even in 2011 the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s have gained support.

Wait a day fruit powder finally relieved, hailed by Apple iOS system iOS 9 since the birth of the most important upgrade of the official version of September 17 in Beijing early morning push, for iPhone and iPad for this edition were there are many important improvements, and upgraded models are also very broad, even in 2011 the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s have gained support, so the majority of Apple device users must not miss.

From functional improvements for, iOS 9 simple sentence is more intelligent, more power. In the past can have a more intelligent search and recommendations after more Siri upgrade tasteless, integrated search function to the left slide the main screen you can see significant changes, there will be "Siri proposal" and "near" These two are It recommended based on the user's habits. Siri also joined a while ago Baidu Baike search results, so that the voice assistant more value.

Apple officially announced high-profile energy saving aspects of normal use iOS 9 to one hour more battery life, but after turning on the low power mode can get up to three hours of extra battery life, still sounds very tempting.

In some native functionality, Apple also made great efforts to reform, and feel great under a higher third-party applications, such as memos can be added to photos, maps, or links, but also to hand write or draw; Safari can be shared function as an attached document or memorandum, opened the transverse association between applications; Apple Map Add a bus route planning function, and clear support for a number of cities in China; in addition, iCloud Drive, e-mail and other applications have also been upgraded.

For iPad users, iOS 9 is even more "just be", because it has finally developed a suitable large-screen device usage scenarios that split screen and PIP.

Split-screen feature allows iPad simultaneously handle two windows, but you can adjust the ratio of split-screen, and you can even drag and drop the contents of the left side to the right side of the area, like a computer that operate; while PIP is entirely to Facetime video playback, and use of, you can with one mind, the contents of the PIP is also free to drop. But now these two features also only supports native applications, third-party programs to do the adaptation.

Of course, we are more concerned about the adaptation of the device, iPhone camp starts from the iPhone 4s, including the iPhone 4s, 5,5c, 5s, 6,6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus can receive support; iPad is a jump from the iPad 2, including the iPad 2, iPad three generations, iPad fourth generation, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4 were supported; in addition, iPod touch Five and six generations can upgrade to iOS 9 .

But to make the point that, although officially announced support for these devices, but not equal to some of the old equipment can also enjoy all of the new features, in other words, like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s such "antique", maybe just upgrade to the iOS 9 this version of it, those functions just introduced the hype they can not necessarily need them.

As for the upgrade process, and as usual, after receiving a push notification, first download and then install, requires little user manual intervention in the process, it can be said to be "fool" upgrade, and 9 upgrade this capacity compared to iOS package iOS 8 Times substantial weight loss, only 1.3GB (iOS 8 upgrade package reached 4.58GB), so even if the device is 16GB capacity not worry too much.

And iOS 9 during the upgrade process also extra space to take care of those users on a tight budget, if the remaining space is less than the upgrade requirements, some applications will be uninstalled, and then automatically installed back after the upgrade. But we still have to remind users plan to upgrade, do backup personal data, and in the case of connecting the charger, a stable environment in the network to download the upgrade.

While in upgrading push time, although the official claim from start to push Beijing on the 17th, but due to differences in the network environment and equipment, push users receive different times will have a greater difference, a difference of a few hours are all possible. Also based on past experience, the world's millions of users simultaneously download the upgrade for the first time, it may cause server response time delay, so if not particularly impatient, then, there is no need to join in the fun at the first time.

But almost at the same time, Apple announced watchOS 2 system delayed due to the discovery of a flaw, but as Apple Watch, the upgrade watchOS premise 2 is also a mobile phone to upgrade to iOS 9, so this is the relevance of both very big.

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