How to Downgrade iPhone iPad iPod Touch From iOS 9 to iOS 8(8.4)

Just in case you feel overwhelmed by iOS 9 or just want to go back to iOS 8.4, Apple has a downgrade guide set up for you. This will bring you back to your archived iPhone, iPad or iPod touch backup, assuming you followed Apple’s instructions. Here’s the rundown.

For Windows Users:
  1. Turn off your device and plug it into your computer, while holding down the Home button.
  2. Keep holding down the Home button until you see Connect to iTunes on the screen.
  3. When you see this screen, let go of the Home button.
  4. If you don’t see this screen, try steps 1 through 3 again.
  5. Hit restore.
  • If you turned on Find My iPhone, enter your Apple ID and password after the restore to activate your device.
  • If you can’t finish the restore, get help from Apple.
  • Once the restore is done, set up your device from the archived backup. This backup should be from an earlier version of iOS.
We’ve also included steps here for your convenience, in case you didn’t archive your iPhone or iPad backup as per Apple’s guide:
  • Plug your iPhone into your computer and connect to iTunes. Then, backup all your info. Unplug.
  • Download a clean copy of iOS 8.4. Select your device, model, and the iOS 8.4 firmware. Click to download.
  • While you’re waiting for that to download, turn off “Find my iPhone” under Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone. You will need to know your Apple ID and password.
  • Once the copy of iOS 8.4 is downloaded, open iTunes and plug in your iPhone.
  • Click where it says “iPhone.” Then, click “Check for updates” while holding the “Option” key on Mac or “CTRL” key on Windows. Make sure you hold the key and click simultaneously. This will bring up options for you to choose from when selecting a build.
  • You’ll see the file menu. Scroll through until you see the .ipsw file for the fresh iOS 8.4 firmware. Select that file and hit OK.
Now you’re back to the stable iOS 8.4 update you just downloaded a few days ago. You can always go back to iOS 9, if you get curious again, though. Just remember to always back up your info!

For Mac Users:

Are you ready for Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.4? iOS 9 Download links will be released by Apple in June. How to go back to iOS 8.4? If you want downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.4 for all compatible idevices, you must understand that is't very simple. How? Read this simple guide from us now:

Step 1: Turn Off + Connect to Mac via USB
Step 2: Launch last version iTunes 

Step 3: Enable device into DFU mode:

a) Turn off + Hold down the Power + Home buttons together for 10 seconds
b) Continue holding Home button until iTunes notifies you of a device enable "recovery mode".

Step 3: Restore via iOS 8.4 (last version iOS 8.X):

a) Restore from the iOS 8.4 backup.
b) Restore to iOS 8.4 IPSW by Option-Clicking the “Restore” button.

Step 4: Device will reboot when finished!

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