How to Save A Wet iPhone - How to Save A Water Damaged iPhone

Thousands of pieces of electronic products falling into the water, and I feel certain terrible, but life will inevitably be accidents, so if misfortune befall on your side, then do their best to save is important.

iPhone is now very strong, and my iPhone falling off the table several times also have no damage, looks strong degree comparable to the Nokia, but the iPhone's biggest weakness is afraid of the water, the water may the tragedy of iPhone. Tragedy is inevasible, so when your iPhone was dropped into water or damaged by water, what to do? How to save your wet iPhone rather than senting back to factory at the first time?

The Reason Why Your iPhone Water Damaged

Related websites for almost two thousand years of 18 year-old British mobile phone users in the survey, the survey shows that 31% of respondents had experienced mobile water damaged. Influent reasons, fell into the toilet become the culprit, 47 percent of mobile phone fell into the toilet water. The reason for drinks spilled ranked second, only 21%. Among other reasons, 12% of people are the bath water, 7 percent of the mobile phone in the kitchen sink suffer. And on the pocket when it is thrown into the washing machine users, the proportion of 3%. In addition, there are some users fall theirs iPhone into the soup at meal time.

How to Save A Water Damaged iPhone Timely

It's very important to dry your wet iPhone timely when it dropping into the water, the effective drying method can not only save your iPhone, but also save the data from your iPhone. Unfortunately, if you found your data lost, or your iPhone can not work after water damaged, please don't worry, you can read this article to recover lost data from water damaged iPhone.

First of all:
1, as soon as possible so that iPhone and water separation, this is the need to race against time.

2, easily wiped out iPhone yield surface water, and then immediately forced shutdown (shutdown is very important to complete all of the following drying step before Do not turn on).

3, wearing protective shell iPhone and other ancillary objects should shell scored; after the water, if the headset, USB connection in the connection, disconnect immediately; screen film, then nothing can be necessary to remove air bubbles and other issues.

4, further processing, be sure to dry the surface thoroughly, dry. With a cloth, toilet paper, sponges. Full-dry, with particular attention to the power Power button, volume button, mute button, speakers, microphones, headphones, and other parts of the mouth, try to think of ways to be able to see the water drain dry, headphone jack and other parts can use a cotton swab or similar items .

If the latter iPhone 4/4S case, you happen to have a special tool can be removed, then carrying out the above step is completed, the bottom two screws removed as soon as possible, to remove iPhone 4/4S back cover, so batteries internal components you can see. If you find any obvious stains, then wipe clean. If you find that the battery may have near the ground or water side, you can further remove the battery (the other screws need to be removed), please remove the battery if the discretion under the circumstances. And non-professional demolition point, no need to further dismantled; the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 5 users do not consider this step, after all, only 4/4S split cover more convenient.

After further drying methods can be used: hair dryer, migang drying, natural drying

Surrounded by friends hair dryer can be used to blow hot air blowing a simple iPhone, pay attention to full-blown, the headphone jack, speaker and other parts of targeted hair. Note To maintain a certain distance, remember not to over-blow into focus a little too long. Open the back cover of the iPhone 4/4S can also be a wind blowing, remember to keep a certain distance even hair.

Drying method, more convenient common method is called migang law, after all, rice is very easy to get around things. The iPhone like a tank buried in the rice, you can achieve good drying purposes. The family had no migang, you can find a sealed box or bag and install some meters from the iPhone buried.

Migang drying time of at least one and a half. Conditional can also choose other drying methods. We should be careful not to get broken rice into the iPhone headphone port and other parts, meters and do not use too much dust.

Processing method called dry naturally, is to go through the above steps in iPhone, or none of the above conditions when the final choice. Also dry in dry, well-ventilated places. Without hair, you need migang drying process of natural drying time is longer, at least two days, if you do not feel that the insured can extend the time until drying is complete.

After processing the above steps, re-take out your iPhone, computer and see if you are lucky it? No problem the best. Have questions, please choose to charge power, may be out of power or battery abnormality.

Some problems may result after water datamaged

1. Failure of the existing system - but the equipment is not abnormal, then you can re-brush firmware and then restore the backup of it.

2. Screen Shade - may be water for the adverse effects of the screen, in some cases may improve over time, in some cases the screen will leave little trace.

3. Connect the computer has a reaction, but not power, DFU restore invalid. This time can detect whether a battery problem, can not boot the first choice is to replace the battery, a lot of the water situation, no problem after replacing the battery, and the battery is not expensive.

4. Can be turned on, but the rest of the failure of various buttons, speakers, headphones failure, touch screen insensitive, failures, etc. In these cases, the need for further maintenance and replacement of related accessories.

5. Worst-case scenario: Can not drive after changing the battery, the motherboard burned, we need to replace the motherboard. As we all konw, motherboard is the most expensive part in all of the components. To replace the mainboard, or change a new iPhone, suit yourself.

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Friendly reminder

It is worth mentioning that the individual behavior of users to make iPhone accidentally fell into the water and so on, Apple does not give any warranty, they are based on the color of the water-indicating paper between iPhone headphone jack and a data jack. If the user does not care to wet this water-indicating paper, the paper will turn red, Apple's after-sales service personnels will refuse warranty.

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  1. The best way to recover lost data from damaged iPod device is to make use of a valid backup file. in case if there is no backup file avaible then in such situation users will no other option but to make use of a reliable third party utility for iPod data recovery.