How to Recover Deleted Reminders from iPhone iPad

"Good memory than rotten written." iPhone and iPad makes taking reminders anytime and anywhere possible, which really makes our daily life work in a planned way, and from which we benefit a lot. Once losing or deleting the reminders of iPhone or iPad on account of deleting by accident, we may be at a loss and hurry on to search feasible ways to recover the important reminder of iPhone or iPad.

Have you ever lost your important reminders on your iPhone or accidentally deleted reminders on iPad, or find your reminders disappeared after upgrading your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS version? You would be certainly panic if you had no idea how to retrieve deleted reminders on iPhone or iPad.

To some extend, losing calendar means a disaster. Fortunately iOS Data Recovery can release your worry. It works perfectly for both iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S/4, as well as iPad Pro/ Mini/Air, iPad 2/ 3/ 4 and so on. You don't have to retrieve all the deleted text files in order to get back one or two reminders. With this program, you can have a preview of the data and selectively restore your lost files.

The functionality described above is available only if you have installed iOS Data Recovery. Click icon below to download it.


Three Simple Ways to Restore Your Lost Reminders from iPhone iPad

  • Method 1. Recover Lost Reminders from iPhone iPad Directly
  • Method 2. Retrieve iPhone Reminders from iTunes Backup File
  • Method 3. Restore iPhone Reminders form iCloud Backup File

  • Once your iPhone or iPad data was lost, remember not to operate your iPhone or iPad, or update anything on your iDevices. Otherwise, your backup file will be overwritten and what you deleted accidentally can not be extracted back any longer. Now, please follow the below steps to get back your lost or deleted reminders.

    Method 1. Recover Lost Reminders from iPhone iPad Directly

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to computer and scan

    After downloading the program on your computer, you should connect your iPhone or iPad to computer, run it and you will notice that it detects your iOS devices automatically. You can see the interface below:

    Choose "Recover from iOS Device" mode and click "Start Scan" button to find lost reminders on it. Then the program will begins to scan your data on your devices.

    Step 2. Preview the files on your iPhone iPad

    When the scanning process stops, all recoverable data will list in the window, and you can preview them one by one before recovery. Then select those you want to recover by ticking theirs check boxes in front of the data.

    Step 3. Restore reminders on iPhone iPad

    After selecting the reminders that you need and press the button "Recover" to save them on your computer.

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    iPhone 7 May Be The Last Upgrade Carnival of Apple Phone

    Revolutionary character is crucial to iPhone 7, work to develop iPhone 7 seems to be carried out step by step.

    According ValueWalk reports, Daniel Ives who is well-known consumer electronics analyst of investment firm FBR Capital represented that, iPhone 7 will be the last one with a substantial upgrade of the Apple smartphone. He said, "On terms substantially upgraded, iPhone 7 will be the last carnival."

    Develop New Revenue Growth

    In recent years, Apple has been trying to diversify revenue growth, reduce dependence on the iPhone, there are indications that the development of the smart phone market has reached its peak. Elvis said, after the release of iPhone 7, the future Apple may explore other business focus.

    Despite Apple's attempts to find new revenue growth beyond its iconic smartphone, but it is still heavily dependent on the iPhone series. 2015 fiscal fourth quarter, iPhone accounted for two-thirds of Apple's revenue, up from 54% in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2014, and therefore it is clear that, in terms of reducing dependence on the iPhone, Apple has long way to go.

    ValueWalk said, iPhone's continued success is certainly a good thing for Apple, but also deepened the outside of Apple "single business" impression. This is obviously trying to avoid Apple wants, Apple has a clear commitment in the next few years will seek new business growth.

    Given the recent stock price fell, Apple expects to honor the above commitments as soon as possible. Although Apple's business is still pretty healthy, the stock is still more than $ 100, but compared with the high point this summer or fall by about 20%. Although iPhone sales continue to record a record 2015 fiscal fourth quarter revenue of $ 51.5 billion contribution to Apple, the outside world still think Apple needs to get rid of dependence on the iPhone.

    Other Products Not Yet Come Into Vogue

    Revenue in the development of products with the iPhone rival, Apple is facing enormous challenges. For example, iPad sales in the "stumble endlessly", Apple Watch, Apple Pay and Apple Music and other Apple development of new products and bring limited revenue. In the most recent quarter, these three products accounted for only 4% of Apple's revenue.

    ValueWalk said that despite Apple iPhone 7 have boosted revenue potential, but consecutive year minor improvements may eventually lead to its smart phone product line appealing decline. This is at least the view of analysts, Credit Suisse recently issued Investment Report said, "the next few quarters will be weak iPhone cycle." Apple's iPhone will be closely watched business development, good balance between the old and new products, to ensure the long-term development of the company, without sacrificing short-term revenue.

    But analysts agree that the next few years Apple will have to diversify. Holger Mueller, chief analyst at Constellation Research, said Apple iPhone sales are particularly vulnerable to the impact of landslides, which must focus on the diversification of Strategic.

    Mueller said, "Apple is too dependent on iPhone, did not find the other growth engine, iPad sales decline appears limited Mac growth next year will be a crucial year for Apple, it or innovation in wearable devices and television, or in order to increase sales the need to cut prices (as last month cut iPad prices). "

    Despite the growth shows signs of slowing, but the smart phone market is still growing. Market research firm IDC, the smartphone market this year, an increase of 11%, well below the 24% in 2014. Although iPhone sales particularly strong, long-term prospects of the smart phone market seems stagnant growth.

    The Latest Rumors of iPhone 7

    ValueWalk noted that the release of iPhone 7, in order to really stimulate consumer purchases, Apple needs to be part of the great features it adds, the latest iPhone 7 rumors mention many major innovations and new features are not surprising. In the latest media reports, iPhone 7 together with the fingerprint sensor, USB Type-C interface, and an improved version of 3D Touch screen.

    In addition a new rumor that Apple produced five prototype models iPhone 7, inside which models to assess the market. The news comes from sources close to Apple's supply chain.

    More and more signs that the iPhone 7 will have a waterproof, dustproof, because there are a lot of sources in recent weeks mentioned this. In addition, with the outside world is expected next year Apple will be more emphasis on health tracking, planned sale coming months listed several other Apple products will also be waterproof, dustproof function.

    Apple's application for a project called "interface with hidden electronic devices," the patent describes is a kind of self-healing elastomer cover interface. It is reported that the patented technology will be applied in the iPhone 7. Other rumors that Apple will remove iPhone 7 of 3.5 mm headphone jack.

    As Apple continues to develop iPhone, a revolutionary iPhone 7 is essential to develop iPhone seems to work seven track.

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    iPhone 7 Conceptual Design, Let You Can Not Refuse

    First, the designer will fingerprint recognition capabilities built into the screen, and then joined the wireless charging function, and finally the iPhone 7 joined the multi-camera module.

    iPhone 7 will now be discussed further on some premature, after all, we have to wait until next year to see it in September of Mami. This does not prevent Reddit user Afikouras to play to their imagination, and so far all combine rumors about iPhone 7 devised looks unrealistic, but people can not refuse the iPhone 7 conceptual design.

    This concept iPhone 7 design has three main characteristics: First, the designer will fingerprint recognition capabilities built into the screen, and then joined the wireless charging function, and finally the iPhone 7 joined the multi-camera module. Apple in early 2015 to 20 million price of the acquisition of the Linx lens company, and Linx possess, multi-camera system can capture the effect clearer pictures in dimly lit environments.

    In addition, Afikouras iPhone 7 yet joined the curved body design, some of the products like Motorola, this body is more ergonomic design. Finally, gradient colors are bright spots after the shell, very memorable.

    Although this is only 7 iPhone concept design, but many people saw some very fond of. In fact, designers will MacBook, iPad Pro and iPad Touch and other Apple products design elements into the iPhone 7, it seems people can not really refuse.


    Apple Will Launch The Next Generation iPhone In The Third Quarter Of Next Year

    Although the iPhone 6s series has been the first time with 2GB of memory, but it seems that Apple does not satisfy this upgrade, we are also preparing to launch in the next year to enhance the memory capacity of the next generation iPhone again. Recently, according to well-known news analyst Kuo Ming-pool KGI Securities disclosed that Apple will launch in the third quarter of next year the next generation iPhone, the same will be 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in two versions, is expected to adopt A10 processor, but two On the models equipped with the memory capacity will vary. Among them, the 4.7 inches of the iPhone 7 will be loaded with 2GB of memory, and 5.5 inches of iPhone 7 Plus will provide 3GB of RAM.

    Equipped With 3GB RAM

    According to KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-pool represents well-known in the latest report submitted, Apple will still be launched in the third quarter of next year the next generation iPhone, and will be equipped with the new A10 processor, but it will also provide 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus two models, but on the part of the configuration will differ slightly. Wherein, iPhone7 Plus will be possible to use 3GB of RAM, and 2GB of memory iPhone7 remains unchanged. In other words, Apple will once again widen the gap iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus on the configuration.

    In addition, although Kuo pool did not disclose specific details of the new A10 processor, but said the product electricity would be this processor 7 iPhone exclusive supplier. As for the recent spread of the iPhone 7 will adopt a new waterproof, dustproof design, as well, or will give up metal body, instead of the many rumors of other materials, Kuo Ming-pool did not comment.

    Body May More Thinner

    It is worth mentioning that, Kuo Ming-pool for the Apple iPhone has always been to predict accurately known, he had accurately predicted this year's Apple product line upgrade, including the iPhone 6s body becomes thicker, the use of 7000 series aluminum alloy and feeling pressure to join Force Touch control and other functions. Meanwhile Kuo pool also had been predicted for iPhone 7, it said it would be the thinnest ever iPhone. Allegedly body thickness comparable iPad Air 2 and the latest iPod touch, only between 6-6.5mm.

    At the same time according to news media reports in Taiwan said that the next generation iPhone is also expected to re-use the G / G (glass-to-glass) touch panel technology, which will benefit the iPhone 7 ultra-narrow border design. And also for the next generation Apple iPhone assess join waterproof function, it is likely to be Apple Watch waterproof programs to cell phones, through better processor and waterproof seal Seda to waterproof effect.

    4-inch iPhone

    And for the once so hot after 4-inch screen iPhone, Kuo Ming-pool this report reaffirmed the existence of the aircraft and said four inches iPhone a bit like an upgraded version of the iPhone 5s, will load A9 processor, and will also metal shell design, rather than the iPhone 5c as plastic housings.

    However, Guo Ming pool is expected that this will not be equipped with a 4-inch iPhone 3D Touch function, which reflects the difference between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus's. Although large-screen smart phone technology is the industry trend, but Kuo Ming-pool 4 inches think iPhone remains a healthy market, and Apple will ship in the first half of next year, and by the end of shipments is expected to reach 20 million to 30 million.

    How to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone

    Mobile Transfer or iOS Data Manager is such a powerful and reliable data transfer tool allows you to directly  transfer files like contacts, SMS, photos and more between any two iOS devices, for example from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7, iPhone 5 to  iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 to iPad Air and so on.

    How to Backup iPhone Data to Computer

    To transfer iPhone iPad files to computer or copy data from computer to iPhone iPad, you also need to use these two 3rd iPhone Transfer softwares -
    Mobile Transfer or iOS Data Manager, this iPhone manager allows you transfer contacts, SMS messages, movies, music, photos and more between iPhone to Computer, or transfer iPhone contents to iTunes. Next, let’s learn to transfer files between iPhone and your computer without USB drive. However, before you update or download your iPhone, you can use this iPhone manager software to backup all iPhone files to computer, in order to avoiding data loss.

    How to Restore iPhone Data from Backup

    iOS Data Recovery program also named as iPhone iPad iPod data recovery, which enable you to find the backup file and previewing to restore the contacts, SMS, photos, videos, calendar, notes and call history in details. What's more, you can also directly recover your lost data from iDevices, and backup your lost and existing data to computer with a click.

    How to Delete All Data from iPhone Before Selling

    iPhone Data Eraser is your best choice, which designed to permanently remove junk files, delete all data and settings from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, ensure 100% safe and nothing recoverable even using the most professional data recovery software. The program fully compatible with iOS 8/iOS 9, and support iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Pro, as well as other iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


    iPhone 6S More Popular , iPhone 6S's Sales Is Four Times of 6S Plus

    According to the latest survey report Localytics shows that Apple's two new iPhone 6s although strong sales, but from the specific sales situation, the 4.7 inches of the iPhone 6s sales much higher than the 5.5 inches of the iPhone 6s Plus. From the data, sales of iPhone 6s substantially iPhone 6s Plus four times, while the share of the two iPhone 6s have occupied all the iPhone 1.9% in the number of users, including iPhone 6s of 1.5%, iPhone 6s Plus 0.4%.

    Just a week ago, Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus record sales of 13 million the first three days of a new record. In all versions of iPhone distribution point of view, iPhone 6 the highest proportion, reaching 33.2%, became the most popular iPhone smartphone. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 ranked second and third, respectively, share were 23.2% and 11.2%.

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    iPhone Accounted for 44.1 Percent of US Smartphone Market

    Samsung Electronics over the same period the share of the US smartphone market, declining by 1.3 percentage points to 27.4%.

    Internet traffic statistics monitoring agency comScore recently released show that in the three months ended in late August of this year, Apple in the US smart phone market continues to erode the market share of Android. At the same time, the gap between iPhone and Samsung (ranked second now) is gradually widening.

    comScore said, iPhone is still the United States during the reporting period, the highest selling smart phones, accounting for 44.1% share of the market, compared with the value as of the end of May this year, an increase of 0.6 percentage points. Samsung Electronics over the same period the share of the US smartphone market, declining by 1.3 percentage points to 27.4%.

    LG Electronics is currently ranked third in the US smartphone market, market share rose by 0.9 percentage points over the same period, to 9.1%. Motorola and HTC's market share was slightly down, respectively, to 4.7% and 3.4%.

    Google (microblogging) Android operating system is currently still is America's most popular smartphone operating system. But comScore data show that, Android in the US market share was approaching 51.7%, the chain fell 0.4%. Meanwhile, Apple iOS market share growth to become the only mobile operating system. Microsoft, BlackBerry and Symbian, respectively, accounted for 2.9 percent of US smartphone market, 1.2% and 0.1% share.

    As of the end of August this year, total US smartphone users has reached 191.1 million, accounting for 77.1 percent of US mobile phone users.

    With the sale of Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus at the end of September, iPhone is expected in the fourth quarter share of US smartphone market share also will be further enhanced. In the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus listed first weekend, the total sales of this series of products more than 13 million, breaking the sales record last year to create the 10 million. But in 2014 and this year the situation is slightly different from last year, China is not iPhone 6 Series starting market.

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    iPhone 6S And 6S Plus Drop Test

    Today, professional mobile phone abusing users TechRax, brings iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus drop test. Previously, we have to appreciate over the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus drop test, while iPhone 6s Plus turned out to survive. In TechRax trials, respectively iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus was face down and the side-down drop test, unfortunately, the two fell in front of the device, the screen will appear the obvious fragmentation.

    Apple Pushed iOS 9.0.2 Update Package, To Correct Deficiencies Of iMessage Etc.

    According to 9to5Mac website, in addition to release OS X El Capitan, Apple also released iOS 9.0.2 update package. This is the second paragraph of iOS since iOS 9.0 released earlier this month, Apple released the update packages.

    This update package fixes some defects both iOS 9 exists, but also enhance its performance, involve iCloud Backup, iMessage activation, apple Podcasts applications and mobile data usage and so on. Such a short release cycles that Apple took a small run of policy fixes iOS 9 defects.

    Apple released September 16th iOS 9, which includes multitasking features for the iPad, Maps new bus guide, including a large number of functions of Notes applications, the new News application, as well as many other features and improvements. Before iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus officially on sale, Apple released iOS 9.0.1 update related deficiencies package, modified with Setup Assistant and alarm clock.

    Apple is also developing for developers and beta staff iOS 9.1, and today released iOS 9.1 for the first three β beta version to developers.

    9to5Mac said that, in addition to iPhone 6s on sale the first weekend sales of more than 13 million iPhone, Apple also said that more than half of the number of users has been upgraded to iOS 9.

    iOS 9.0.2 is relatively small, only about 72MB, so the user upgrade process should be fairly quick.
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    iPhone 6S Can Still Normal Use After Soaking In Water For One Hour

    According to technology website 9to5Mac reports, YouTube users Zach Straley posted a video showing the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus performance after water immersion.

    In the video, the iPhone 6s Larry Lancaster and iPhone 6s Plus soaked in water, many times during the phone out to check the operation status. After soaking in water for 1 hour, the phones are taken out of the water, dried, and then examine them in detail whether the normal operation.

    Despite soak 1 hour, but iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus still can operate normally. Screen is not affected in any way, no water stains. 3D Touch and power key performance perfect. Camera performance of normal, water does not seem to penetrate into the sensor. The most surprising is that the speaker can sound normal.

    Lightning connector and headphone jack also not mentioned in the video, but later through Twitter Larry Lancaster said they normally use.

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    iOS 9 Discovered New Vulnerabilities, Apps Can Not Get Sensor's Data

    According to media reports, iOS 9 affect some of them there is a bug in the application to obtain the data from iPhone 6S compass and gyroscope, which also causes problems in key application function does not work properly.

    Users reflect before, a iOS platform augmented reality applications Sky Guide there is a problem does not work on the iPhone 6S. Specifically, the application will use the iPhone's sensors had to render an interactive night sky map. However, running iOS 9.0 and 9.0.1 of the iPhone 6S runtime system, the application will work a problem. According to Sky Guide Developer Fifth Star Labs confirmed that the application of the "compass" function only cause problems in the iPhone 6S, other models are not affected.

    Some of the remaining dependent on the iPhone digital compass, three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer augmented reality applications also appeared the same problem, but Apple maps application able to work, that analysis, this issue should be iOS API error. Currently, Fifth Star Labs is working to solve this problem.

    Actually, this is not the first place. In the iPhone 5S was released, users had to reflect the application iOS 7 appeared compass reading error problems. At that time it was speculated that this is because Apple supplier after accelerometer from STMicroelectronics change to Bosch failed to properly bias correction firmware.

    iPhone in gyroscope, accelerometer and compass are extremely sensitive components, hardware due to the different types and manufacturers produced / configuration drift, they are very difficult to integrate. A seemingly minor deviations may have application for the use of sensor data produce a significant impact.

    According to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus dismantling, and last year's models, like these two devices are used in a InvenSense six-axis gyroscope / accelerometer chip and Bosch Sensortec triaxial accelerometer module. But the new M9 action coprocessor is now directly embedded in the A9 chip which, as a variety of sensor data center.

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    iOS 9.0.1 Update Pushed, Fixes A Number Of System Bug

    In addition to the restoration of the previous system version Bug content, iOS 9.0.1 system also provides users with iPad bring better multi-tasking capabilities, improved application News app, and search and Siri performance has also been enhanced.

    May be affected by the previous Xcode virus events, After iOS 9 new system introduced to the public only a week's time, Apple has officially provided the iOS 9.0.1 upgrade version for users to download, the main features content for some bug were previously exposed restoration, including the inability to complete the setup assistant process, and an alarm clock can not be set in accordance with the alarm time and so on.

    iOS 9.0.1 system update

    From system version iOS 9.0.1 update released by Apple this point of view, including the restoration of the previously exposed bug, such problems can not complete the Setup Assistant, alarm clock and timer sometimes does not prompt users to update the latter part of the problem; Safari and "Photos" in the video may pause pause frame display distortion caused problems; in part through a descriptive file using custom user settings will APN cellular data loss problems, etc., have been repaired.

    At the same time in addition to the previous system version Bug fix content, iOS 9.0.1 system also provides users with iPad bring better multi-tasking capabilities, improved application News app, and search and Siri performance has also been enhanced. In addition, this version also on the battery management efficiency was improved, and the upgrade package size is only 35.4 MB or so. It is reported that this system version iOS 9.0.1 update to work with iPhone 4s, iPad 2, the fifth generation of iPad touch and later devices are compatible.

    Smoother handling

    The new system has been updated from the version of the user feedback, most users have said iOS 9.0.1 iOS 9 system compared to systems running to smooth a lot, while improving all aspects of performance is also more evident. However, this update or to minor bug fixes and improved performance-based, while the existence of some problems in the past or have not been resolved.

    Fortunately, Apple released iOS 9.0.1 system update, but also beginning to provide developers with a second version of iOS 9.1 beta system. Typically, this means that the public beta iOS 9.1 may formally announced in the near future. It is reported that, using iOS9.1 Beta1 system users can directly update the settings via OTA, while other users can download the corresponding firmware from Apple's developer center site, but developers need to account.

    iPhone 6S's Reservation Has Over 30%

    As soon started selling the iPhone 6S also started booking after by many consumers, according to the statement US carrier T-Mobile executives latest disclosure, T-Mobile users from buying iPhone 6S is very high, so far has bookings 6 30% higher than last year's iPhone.

    Previously, Apple had the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus reservation two days after receiving said consumers sought out these two new machines, global bookings in the first weekend (September 12 and 13, two days) of They are quite high. Meanwhile Apple is also expected iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus after officially started selling, the first weekend of sales will exceed 10 million record sales that hit by iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year.

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    How To Restore Lost Content From iPhone iPad After iOS 10/9 Downgrade

    The Reason Why Users Downgrade Back to iOS 8.4(8.4.1)
    Apple's latest iOS 9 system has been updated more than a week, compared to the previous iOS 8, the new system added more features and improved a lot of performance, including better memory management system, more energy use patterns and improving the security. The most important thing is, there are many new features make people feel happy, and these have become main reasons for the iPhone iPad and iPod users to upgrade to iOS 9 system.

    However, many users reflect that theirs iDevices launching slow or application crashes after upgrading to iOS 9 system, it is desirable to be able to "downgrade" to a previous stable iOS 8.4.1 version of the system. And the good news is that Apple does not yet closed the channel that downgrading to iOS 8 system. So, the user who had upgraded theirs devices to iOS 9 can also relatively easy to downgrade back to iOS 8.4.1.

    You can click the below link to read the detailed guide:
    How to Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.4

    In addition, the current system iOS 9 still unable to being jailbreak, and this is part of the reason the user wants to return to iOS 8.4.1 system, although the jailbroken based on the experience of the new system will come sooner or later escape, but at least for now can only jailbreak to iOS 8 system, And these are also part of the iOS 8 users have not upgraded iOS 9 of reason.

    If you want to downgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.2, or from iOS 9 system to iOS 8, the entire process is very simple, and similar steps with iOS system upgrade.

    First of all, you must remember that before downgrading, you'd better to do some backup (Attention, iOS 10/9 system can not sync all data to iOS 8, so we suggest you backup data from iPhone iPad to PC with a 3rd party tool, just like Mobile Transfer), and ensure that the process of downgrading more than enough power. Also download format before downgrading iOS IPSW firmware 8.4.1 version of the system, and set aside ample space collection.

    Once the above have to do all the preparation work, we also need to close the Find My iPhone feature from iCloud settings, and then run iTunes Suite on your computer.

    Next, use the data cable to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and other equipment needed to connect to downgrade, then hold down the Home key and the power button for 10 seconds, then release the power button and hold down the Home key, know-screen prompts to connect iTunes and recovery.

    Then hold on your computer Shift (PC) or Option (Mac) key, before you click restore option to download a good iOS 8.4.1 IPSW firmware version, then everything will be restored to pay a iTunes.

    How to Exit Recovery Mode & Restore Lost Data From Backup

    For many of users, it may be an easy job to downgrading iOS 10/9 to iOS 8, however, according to lots of iOS downgraded users' feedback, theirs iPhone iPad and iPod touch stucking at white screen, Recovery Mode, Apple logo or black screen during iOS 10/9 downgrade, what's worse, some of them even lost data after iOS 10/9 downgrade. Fortunately, you can easily fix your iOS to return it to normal and restore the lost data by using the iOS Data Recovery tool.

    iOS Data Recovery tool is a full-scale solutions which enables you recover data directly from iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6 Plus/6/SE/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS/3G, all iPads and iPod touch 6/5/4, as well as retrieve previous data by extracting iTunes and iCloud backups. Besides, you can one click to exit iPhone iPad recovery mode with the help of this secure yet effective program.

    Part 1. Fix iPhone iPad iPod Stucking At Recovery Mode

    Step 1. Choose the Fix iOS to Normal feature

    Click the mode of "Fix iOS to Normal" in the primary inteface of this recovery program after launching on your computer. Then connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your PC or Mac via its USB cable. When the recovery program will detects your iDevice, please click "Start" to continue the process.

    Step 2. Download and select firmware

    Firstly, you need to download the firmware for your iPhone iPad or iPod touch to fix the abnormal operating system. Once the program detected your device, it will offering the latest iOS version for you to download. You just need to click “Download” and wait. The software will finish it for you automatically.

    Step 3. Fix your operating system to return it to normal

    After downloaded, the program will continuously start repairing your operating system, to get your iPhone iPad or iPod touch out of recovery mode and Apple logo screen, or get your iOS device to work properly. In a few minutes, it will tell you that your device is restarting to normal mode. The whole process of repairing your iDevice operating system takes you less than 10 minutes, please wait in patient!

    Part 2. Extracting to Restore Lost Data From iTunes or iCloud Backup File

    The iOS Data Recovery tool providing three simple but effective ways for users to restore lost data from iDevices directly, or extracting to restore from backup files. While, the old data may being overwrote by the new data after downgrade, but the complete data are still on your previous backup files, that's the reason why we emphasize to do some backup before iOS upgrade and downgrade.

    Extract iPhone iPad Lost Data from iTunes Backup

    Step 1. Choose Recovery Mode of "Recover from iTunes Backup File".
    Step 2. Scan Data from iTunes Backup File
    Step 3. Preview and Recover Data from iTunes Backup

    Extract iPhone iPad Lost Data from iCloud Backup

    Step 1. Choose Recovery Mode of "Recover from iCloud Backup Files"
    Step 2. Log Into iCloud Account and Download iCloud Backup File
    Step 3. Preview and Recover Data from iCloud Backup File

    If you have no any recently backup, or you can not find the data you wanted from the extracted file result, you can try recovering the lost data from iDevice directly.


    Three Methods To Solve The Problem Of iOS 9's Performance Degradation

    Had been suffered attacks iOS 9, has become the fastest popularize operating systems in the history of Apple, do you believe it?

    According to previously data released by Apple displayed, iOS 9 installation rate has reached 17.32% within 24 hours, and according to the latest data detected by the mixpanel today, iOS 9's update rate has increased to 30% within five days.

    In fact, 30% is not a reliable number because Apple's official data released far more than this figure.

    Apple's chief marketing officer Phil Schiller said in a press release, iOS9 downloads than Apple in the history of any piece of software, since its introduction, 50 percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users has upgraded to iOS 9, let Apple iOS 9 become the fastest upgrades operating system in the history of Apple.

    Apple's latest iOS 9 has created a very impressive upgrade rate, but this is not the operating system itself is a wholly flawless. Because some loopholes exist that affect performance, the old section of the device after upgrading the operating speed may be affected. So how affected users to run as much as possible to improve system speed? Technology website OS X Daily given three recommendations.

    OS X Daily noted that upgrading to iOS users may first try to close 9 transparency and dynamic effects, the specific method is to go to Settings> General> Accessibility> enhance contrast, and open "reduce transparency" function. Also in the auxiliary function menu which, you can also turn on "weakened the dynamic effect" function.

    Subsequently, the user can disable the application background data on the device refresh. Specific way is go to Settings> General> background applications refresh, then the top of the "background application refresh" switch can be closed.

    Finally, users can also disable Siri recommended settings were. The method is to go to Settings> General> Spotlight Search, and then close "Siri recommend" the top. But it is worth noting that this is one of the important functions of iOS 9, some users may not want to turn it off, especially for the fans, Siri.

    If the effect of these methods do not work, then you can also choose to downgrade before plugging the Apple iOS 8.4.1, then wait for Apple to solve the existing problems in the performance of the new system upgrade.

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