iPhone Data Transfer - Switch Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone

"I bought a new iPhone 7 to replace my old iPhone 6, but there are still too much data storing on my old iPhone 6, I do not want to backup them to iTunes or iCloud, and restore the backup to my new iPhone, it's a waste of time, is there any way to directly sync data from my old iPhone to new iPhone? Please help!"

Planning on get the new released iPhone like iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S? Do you want to move everything from the old iPhone to the new one? Yes it is, after learning about setting up your new iPhone, you're probably wondering how to move everything including photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, notes, voice memos, voice mails, etc. from your old iPhone to the span-new iPhone. As we all know, you can use iCloud or iTunes to transfer content from your current iPhone, as well as iPad or iPod touch to another device.

However, if you find that the traditional method is spend too much of your time, you can try using a much more easy and secure way to directly transfer data between iPhone devices with just a click.
Mobile Transfer, an all-in-one phone data transfer tool that allows you to switch data from old iPhone to new iPhone in 1 click!

* Transfer messages, contacts, photos and calendar from old iPhone to new iPhone 
* Copy audio and video to new iPhone, regardless of whether purchase them or not. 
* Retrieve iTunes backup and transfer to new iPhone effortlessly. 
* Work perfectly with iPhone 7/6S/6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS running iOS 9/8/7/6/5.

Now, download the right version for your computer below to have a try.

Steps to Switch Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone

Step 1. Download and install Mobile Transfer

After downloading and installing Mobile Transfer on your computer, double-click the quick start icon to launch it. Click the Phone to Phone Transfer mode. It is fully compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.
Note: Make sure you have installed iTunes on your PC first. Only with iTunes installed, Mobile Transfer will work properly.

Step 2. Connect both of your iPhone devices to PC

Connect your old iPhone and new iPhone with your computer via USB cables simultaneously. The program will detect the two iPhones and display them side by side at the place of "Source" and "Destination" in the primary window. If you feel like switching the Source phone with the Destination phone, just click Flip.

Step 3. Start the old iPhone to new iPhone 6 data transfer

Just start the data transfer by clicking Start Copy. In the pop-up dialog, you can check the transfer progress. It takes you a few minutes. When it's finished, the data on your old iPhone will be transferred to your new iPhone.

Sync Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone with iTunes:

iPhone 4S Can Smoothly Use The Optimized iOS 9

The Welfare of old Apple equipment, iPhone 4S can also upgrade to iOS 9.

According to 9to5Mac reported that, iOS 9 with OS X 10.11 will be on the background of large-scale adjustments will expand around the stability, security, performance in three aspects, and the following equipment will be upgraded iOS 9, and willWe will have a good user experience, many of them, including the iPhone 4S old equipment.

Apple iOS 9 in order to allow the smooth running of the old equipment, it has done a lot of optimization, simply put, it is not unlike all previous support for the old models, excluding the core functionality of the new system, and allowing direct operation. The apple is really a lot of optimization iOS9, not only to retain the new features, but also taking into account the size of the old equipment running memory and compressed update package size, and also life has done a certain amount of optimization.

It is reported that iOS9 will release this year's WWDC conference, iOS9 likely to join parental control, multi-user login, FaceTime hangout, split-screen multitasking, power saving mode and so some believe can work. Let us also WWDC conference in June this year from 8 to 12 held the wait and see.

9to5Mac Web site also reported that the new version of iOS and OS X systems will increase several new features, these new features mainly concerned with safety. For example, it added a function called Rootless, an important part is prohibited by modifying the operating system against malicious software attacks and protect data security. It also makes it difficult to jailbreak iPhone and iPad a lot.

Other security features include more applications move to iCloud Drive, as well as the use of better encryption when connecting unfamiliar WiFi.

The new OS X system is said to be similar to the control center with iOS, users can more easily use the frequently used control operations. In addition, newly added features small, the new system will focus on stability and polish the user interface.

Apple will be June 8 announcement of the new system, new features and new features, not have to wait too long we will be able to understand Apple's new plan more.

Support iOS 9 upgrade Apple device:

iPhone 4s

iPhone 5

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPad mini (1st release)

iPad mini 2

iPad mini 3

iPad 2

iPad 3rd gen (last with 30-pin)

iPad 4th gen (first with Lightning)

iPad Air

iPad Air 2

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Exposure iPhone 6S Has Been Put Into Operation, Eight Characteristics Behind The Scenes

Apple has begun to component makers under a single, or will start producing a new generation of iPhone.

In the past, before the release of the next generation iPhone, outgoing messages are often insufficient production yield, thereby resulting in release of the statement may be delayed. However, such a situation does not seem to appear on the iPhone 6s. According to Taiwan media quoted sources said the supply chain, the overall yield iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus better than expected in September this year, released absolutely no problem, even in advance to the August launch of mention.

Confirm million-pixel camera

According to Taiwan media, "Economic Daily" quoted chain of revelations that Apple has begun to component makers under a single, next-generation iPhone, or will begin production, and due to the overall production yields better than expected, it is expected that this year 9 the month can be released on time, or even ahead to August there is no problem.

Meanwhile the news from the industrial chain also confirmed that a new generation of iPhone's camera will be upgraded to 12 million pixels of the rumors and said that orders for large vertical light exclusively by Taiwan manufacturers, foundries still Hon Hai and Pegatron. In addition, the new generation iPhone is still 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches two, there is not much change in appearance, but the new version on the basis of past gold rose Space Grey, gold and silver and other color models, the main female market, and by the It can become and F- Kason other vendors manufacture.

The eight characteristics with

In addition to million-pixel camera to upgrade to a new level and beyond rose gold version two characteristics, according to Taiwan media also summarized under the vendor's future iPhone 6s and six other major feature of the iPhone 6s Plus. For example, both the new generation of iPhone will be powered by A9 processor, processing performance will be faster and more power suppliers, compared with TSMC and ASE and the like; a memory upgrade to 2GB LPDDR4, will be provided by Samsung, Hynix, Inotera like.

In addition, a new generation of iPhone will also support pressure sensing technology (Force Touch), its components supplied by F-TPK Chen Hung; and also to improve the voice quality speaker and microphone, provide a more stable and clear voice effects, and benefit from the supply Suppliers are AAC and so on. And for the previous iPhone 6 Plus prone to bending and other shortcomings, the new generation iPhone will use different materials, and improve internal mechanical design, enhance user experience Touch ID and push up Apple Pay penetration, as manufacturers benefit ASE include Thang and so on.

iPhone 6S higher proportion of shipments

Obviously, the news is basically not much difference with the previous KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-pool prediction. Prior to this, Kuo Ming-pool in their reports, said, iPhone 6s will be using a new metal material, and 5.5 inches version of the iPhone 6s Plus also possible to use better scratch resistance sapphire crystal mirror, but whether even The end result depends on the fall tests.

As we are concerned about the release schedule, Kuo Ming-pool is the amount of information provided by iPhone 6s production beginning in late August this year, will, and Date and time should be almost the same in previous years. Kuo Ming-pool while also forecast total 6s iPhone and iPhone 6s Plus shipping between 8000-9000 million, while the proportion of shipments 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, compared with version 2: 1.

The Looking Forward Features On New Launching iOS 9

iOS 9 does not add too many new features, but to focus investment in stability and performance work.

Attractive WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) annually is not as limitations embodied in its name, in fact, a large number of ordinary users are concerned about Apple's happening on the WWDC. As in previous years, will be held on June 8 this year, it will set forth a new generation of iOS and OS X features. And because Apple has a more substantial innovations in iOS 7 and iOS 8, so a lot of people predicted that Apple iOS 9 does not add too many new features, but the main energy into the stability and performance of work .

Arstechnica summarizes the people want to see in iOS 9 new features, some of which are based on existing information leads, a higher likelihood; some are purely for iOS 9 some expectations.


Siri born from iOS 5, compared to the first generation of Siri, and now it can take on more complex tasks (for example, a restaurant can be scheduled to view the movie release information, etc. However limited the United States and other regions), depending on third-party data good service providers. The cooperation of service providers and Apple should be a win-win. We look forward to Siri API interface can open up more and more service providers to cooperate in iOS 9 (especially in China region, mainland China at this stage is not yet supported Siri view movie release information, restaurant reservations and other services). Once you get used Siri, you will not have it difficult to adapt to the occasion.

Public information program comes map

Early iOS system used since the Google Maps built-in map, and therefore supports viewing public information. Since Apple began to map the main push their own services, and Google Maps App replace the built-in, the public information can only be found out from the third-party software in order. Allowing users to undertake this experience fragmentation is not fair. After all, people use this functionality and a lot.

But Apple seems to have hired a lot of people's efforts in this regard, we hope to see the return of the bus carrying a map search function in iOS 9 in.

Set interface

And messy compared to Android phone settings interface, iOS settings interface is simple and orderly regarded, but with the increase of settings, sometimes users do not find their desired setting items. Why not introduce the search box it? For example, you want to look for "Bluetooth" is set, as long as the setting interface exhaled search drop-down box, and then search for "Bluetooth" on the line.

Apple OS X setup interface on the use of a similar approach. Although many options, but the top right corner of the search box can save a lot of unnecessary waste of time, to help you quickly find the necessary settings.

Dark theme

Although it seems insignificant feature, but there are individual needs of people we will need this option. In fact Apple Watch the iOS side settings interface on the use of black and white screen (which should be in line with the black for the background Apple Watch watch interface), looks nothing wrong. Desktop OS X Yosemite also offers the option of a dark subject, so Apple is certainly aware of the needs of users in this area. It is iOS 7 white background sudden flash blind for a long time if the user can see this feature in iOS 9, will really be impressed.


Each time a new version of iOS devices to enhance the speed same time, the old equipment is once invisible trial. Now if you happen to have on a computer running iOS iPhone 7 4, or a computer running the iPhone 4S iOS 8, it will easily perceive the operation of the delay.

Although it may be a bit harsh (Apple system upgrade support older devices generally longer than the Android phones on the market), but we still hope iOS 9 will not abandon the old equipment, at least as far as possible to ensure that older chips with more than A5 iOS devices The new system can basically run smoothly now.

Shift key prompt correction effect

If you could tell at a glance whether this screenshot above Shift key is pressed, you are sure to say, right? From iOS 7 Apple began to join the flat design, the Shift key has been confusing. This problem does not exist in iOS 6 - you can easily see whether the Shift key is pressed. Maybe this is not a big problem (especially for people who use third-party keyboard), but we'll be glad to see this change.

Further integration of the "information" application on OS X and iOS

Today's iOS and OS X have been able to work together as never before, Handoff lets you seamlessly between OS X and iPhone content switching operation; Photos lets you quickly see the Macbook iOS photo taken on; while the iPhone close to call or SMS can also see on the Macbook. For example, the "Information" application, you can see all the content on the iPhone SMS, iMessage, etc. on the Macbook.

But do not forget, Macbook "Information" application is supported by third parties such as Google Talk IM chat tool protocol, which contains your friends using Google Talk chat information; but you can not turn on the iPhone "message "which saw these third-party IM chats. If you can integrate third-party IM chat tool in iOS "Information" application 9, it is also a good thing.

iPad split-screen multitasking interface

Apple did not take advantage of the iPad's large screen. Taking into account the number of people in temporary office even when the iPad Air as a notebook with a Bluetooth keyboard, Apple iOS 9 is necessary in introducing a similar split-screen Surface multi-tasking capabilities.

This Apple developers to transition it should be easy, because many application interfaces are supported by the adaptive resolution, we should be able to adapt to the iPad half screen display functions. This function may be to enhance the iPad sales decline have a role in the future of information and checking it easier to e-mail back side.

It can be defined from the control center

iOS 7 for iPhone users a control center functions, you can slide the control center exhaled from the bottom of the screen, fast turn on flight mode, if you're mode functions. Unfortunately, all the buttons on the control center do not support custom.

Jailbreak the iPhone can achieve this functionality through a small plug-in, whether to provide the control center for all Apple custom features in iOS 9 in just willing the function.

A key to clear notification

You do not have to explain it? A point "clear" it is not too efficient.

Hide infrequently used applications, and set the default Open

If you upgrade to the iPhone iOS 8.2 or 8.3, you will find one more phone less than the application - Apple Watch. Plus the original on the use of small "newspapers and magazines", "stock market", "tips", the useless pre-installed application more and more. Many users of these applications can only hide in the folder. So we hope that iOS 9 allows users to hide infrequently used applications, out of sight out of mind. This also can help users make more screen space put other applications.

This last feature may be conservative Apple has always been a bit of luxury - it allows users to modify the default program to open the way. For example, using Google Maps to replace Apple Maps, end to replace the built-in e-mail with Gmail client application, so that when the user opens a strip map information will default to open Google Maps application, which will be the default when you need to write messages to open Gmail client. Although already provide similar functionality in Android, but iOS is still in the absence of the state.

Finally, re-emphasize that all of the above characteristics more of our a "iOS 9 wish list", they do not necessarily appear in iOS 9 system (such as increased public information although such features in the map based on the existing trail, It is likely to appear in iOS 9) in. All have to wait for June 8 Apple at WWDC unveiled for us personally.

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