How to Restore iPhone From iCloud Backup on iOS 10/9/8

Part 1 Latest iPhone News - Apple Hinted iPhone 7's Design Closer to iPhone 4

Apple is developing a way to make the smart phone flat metal frame at the same time there is a new method shiny sharp edges.

Apple will not be much change in appearance in this year's release of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, so for next year's iPhone 7, everyone seems to be more full of interest. Before there was a man named Ivo Maric artists on their own Instagram account released the iPhone 4 and iPhone 6 design fused together iPhone 7 imaginary figure, received a lot of attention. According to the latest indications, the iPhone 4 before have used the interest angular and graphic design style not only designers, and even Apple itself has not given up the idea.
According to a recent Apple patent shows that Apple is developing a way to make the smart phone flat metal frame at the same time there is a new method shiny sharp edges. And this patent also describes in detail his ideas outline.
However, this patent does not in itself explain too many problems, after all, this patent can be applied to any size and shape of the device, such as Apple Watch and MacBook, etc., but not limited to iPhone. From the design point of view on the picture, very close to the great success of the year iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is Published in June 2010, while Apple patent filed this time in July 2015.

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Part 2 How to Restore iPhone From iCloud Backup on iOS 9/8

 Method 1: Selectively Restore iPhone From iCloud Backup on iOS 9/8 With 3rd Party Tool 

When you buy a new iPhone, just like the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S, you might need to restore data from iCloud backup to get everything back to your new iPhone. This ways works too after you reset your iPhone as a new one. Yeah, restore iPhone from iCloud backup is very simple (as the following steps show). However, there is another situation. When you get your important data lost on your iPhone or other iOS devices, but you find that you just can't simply restore your iOS device from iCloud, because some data on the device currently is important too. In this case, you should selectively restore your iOS from iCloud backup. Choose the right way to restore iOS device from iCloud backup that's suit for you.

iOS Data Recovery - The world's first iPhone iPad iPod data recovery software to recover lost contacts, SMS, photos, notes, and more.

  • Restore iPhone directly from iOS devices, iTunes backup as well as iCloud backup.
  • Retrieve iPhone data up to 18 file types, including contacts, messages, photos, notes, calendars, reminders, call history, etc.
  • Full compatible with iPhone 7/6S/6 Plus/6/5/5S/5C/4S/4/3GS, supports iOS 9/8/7/6.
  • Restore iPhone with zero data loss, 100% safe.

Download the trial version and install it on your computer to have a try!


After running iOS Data Recovery, choose the restoring mode - "Recover from iCloud Backup Files" on the top. Then you get this window on the right. Fill in your iCloud account and password to sign in.

Note: This tool takes your privacy seriously. We never keep a record of any your Apple account info or content at any time during your sessions.


This tool finds all iCloud backup files in your account. Select your wanted one and click "Download" to get the iCloud backup file downloaded.
Then, scan the iCloud content by clicking "Scan". The scan will be complete in a few minutes. After that, preview almost all data in your iCloud backup file, including contacts, messages, photos, etc.Tick your desired data and click the "Recover button" to save them on your computer in 1 click.

Note: Before closing the tool, you can back to the home screen to delete the downloaded iCloud backup from your computer. Then log out your iCloud account.

 Method 2: How to Restore iPhone from iCloud 

Attention: This method of recovery will restore all data from your iCloud backup to iPhone, in other words, the existing data storing on your iPhone will be overwitten by the iCloud backup file. So, please be careful before restoring your iPhone data.

how to restore iPhone from iCloud

When the iPhone screen shows hello in multiple languages swipe to start the setup. You will then want to Connect to WiFi if available. On the next screen choose to Enable Location Services if you want apps to use your location for helpful tasks.

Get started restoring an iPhone from iCloud

On this next screen you will choose to Restore from iCloud Backup. You will now need to enter your Apple ID & password and then choose Agree. Wait a minute or so for the Apple ID to set up.

When prompted choose Restore from iCloud backup

Now you can choose your backup. If you are restoring the iPhone from an iCloud backup you made on this device find it and tap. If you are restoring an old iPhone to a new iPhone tap on that backup.

Choose the iCloud backup to restore to your iPhone

Swipe on the second hello screen and then tap on Continue. Enter your Apple ID password again and then choose to set up iMessage & FaceTime. The next screen will ask you to set up Touch ID, create a Passcode and set up Apple Pay. You can skip these if you want. Another screen will ask you about iCloud Keychain. If you use this, you can set up by verifying with another device, which is the easiest method.

Wait for Apple to verify the restore

After several minutes the iPhone will boot to the home screen but you will see apps that are waiting to be completely installed. The grayed out app icons indicate apps that need downloaded before you can use them. If prompted enter your Apple ID password in an iMessage pop up.

After this screen you can use the iPhone, but you will need to wait for apps to restore

From here you need to wait for the restore to download apps and put them back in same place. You cannot use an app until it is downloaded. If several apps are stuck on gray after an iCloud restore you need to open the App Store, tap on Updates and then Update All. This will take a little time to complete.

Wait for the iPhone to restore the iPhone from iCloud backup

You may see a message that some items could not be restored. The iPhone does not list what those items are, but you can sync to your computer and it may restore some of these items to your iPhone.

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How to Recover Voice Memos from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Voice Memo is a very useful voice Notepad, use it, you do not need to type and can say it directly, the program will help you to store, allowing you to keep track of. Have fun! Voice Memo is a very convenient feature, which allows us to send recorded messages to our addressees just within a few seconds. As the majority prefers simple text messages, sometimes voice mail is more preferable. Usually such messages are rather personal: birthday wishes, congratulations etc.

Apparently some of the memos are very important or valueable to us, which you never want to lost them. Once you recorded an interesting iPhone ringtone to be used as a love token between you and your mate, you deleted it unfortunately by accident. What can you do to get it back? Did your solutions work? Or in other case, after updating your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to the latest popular system, you found that your recorded voices were all disappeared. How can you restore them as usual? Which method did you choose? Was the result within your expectation? Your answers may be "no", and you wonder whether there is a way to retrieve your Voice Memos from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch successfully. All you need is the iPhone Voice Memo Recovery software.

iPhone Voice Memo Recovery - Recover lost or deleted voice memos from iPhone 6S/6 Plus/6S/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, as well as all iPad and iPod.
  • Recover deleted voice memos by directly scanning iPhone
  • Retrieve voice memos via iTunes/iCloud backup for iPhone
  • Not only iPhone, also supports all iPads and iPod touch 5/4
  • Support iOS 9, iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3 and former
  • Provides a trial version to get a try for free

Three Ways to Recover Voice Memos from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch on iOS 9/8/7

Launch the iPhone Voice Memo Recovery software after installation and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to PC vis theirs USB cable.

Ways 1. Directly Scan and Restore Lost/Deleted Voice Memos

Step 1 Choose the mode of "Recover from iOS Device"
Step 2 Click "Start Scan" to let the program scan the lost data on your device
Step 3 Preview the scanning result to select the wanted voice memos to restore

Way 2. Extract Lost Voice Memo from iTunes Backup

Step 1 Choose the mode of "Recover from iTunes Backup File"
Step 2 Choose iTunes Backup Record to Scan
Step 3 Preview the scanning result
Step 4 Select the target voice memos and start to recover to your device

Way 3. Extract Lost Voice Memo from iCloud Backup

Step 1 Choose the mode of "Recover from iCloud Backup File"

Step 2 Choose the recovery mode and Sign in your iCloud 
Step 3 Download and scan your iCloud backup 
Step 4 Preview and recover whatever you want from the iCloud backup

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How to Recover iPhone Voicemail on iOS 10/9/8

What is Voicemail

Voicemail service is the telecommunications sector to provide storage to users, forwarding, and voice information extraction services. It is more economical than using a dictaphone and convenient, and to ensure that users of dial-mail anytime, anywhere unimpeded. Voicemail and call forwarding, and it must be used in conjunction with a short message. Because call forwarding can transfer the incoming call to your voice mail, and short message notification of new messages in your voice mailbox. Before using the voice mail service please confirm your phone is open "call forwarding" and "short message received" two functions.

Lost Voicemails on your iPhone

"Yesterday I got a voicemail where my 3 year old nephew left me a message from New York, and I think I listened to it around 50 times through out the day. then last night my 3G iPhone 5S just shut down and never got past the apple logo (second time this week). So now I am restoring it from an old back from a week ago, so my question is can I retrieve an old voicemail? Or how can I get it back after deleting a phone message off my voicemail?" -- Adang

"I just upgrade my iPhone 6 to the iOS 9 beta, I had been lost my data during upgrade before, so I have backed up my data from iPhone to iTunes this time, however, after iOS update, I restore my data to iPhone from iTunes backup, but I find that I can't find some voicemail that I have not listen, how can I restore the lost voicemail from iPhone on iOS 9? Please help!!!" -- Juday

How to Recover Lost iPhone Voicemails on iOS 10/9/8

iPhone Voicemail Recovery - Recover lost or deleted voicemails for iPhone 6S/6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS
  • Directly recover deleted voicemail from any iPhones
  • Selectively retrieve previous voicemail from iTunes/iCloud backup for all iPhones
  • Also allows to recover iPhone messages, contacts, camera roll, notes, and more up to 18 kinds of data
  • Recover data lost due to deletion, device loss, jailbreak, iOS upgrade, etc.
  • Supported OS: Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP,Mac OS X 10.10.3 (Yosemite), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.8, 10.7, or 10.6
  • Supported iOS 9, iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3 and former
  • Provides a trial version to get a try for free

Steps to directly get back your lost or deleted voicemail from your iPhone

Download and install the iPhone Voicemail Recovery, after that, launch the program on your computer.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to Computer and Scan

First of all, Connect your iPhone to the computer via its USB cable. It will detect your device automatically. It will show you the window below. Then click "Start Scan" to scan your device.

If your iPhone model is iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, please choose "Advanced Mode" at the corner of the window.

Step 2. Preview and Get Deleted/Lost Voicemais Back from iPhone

When finishing Scanning, it will show you all found data and files in categories as below. Just choose the deleted data you want to recover, and preview one by one. After that, you can restore them to computer by clicking "Recover" Button.

It is at your will, if you want to recover all of them, mark them all and click "Recover" to save them on your computer with one click.

Note: Data found here includes deleted data and those still on your iPhone. If you only want back your deleted ones, you can refine the scan result by using the slide button at bottom to only display deleted items. Mark them and press "Recover" button to get them back.

Besides, if you can not find your lost voicemail after directly scanning your iPhone device, please don't worry, the recovery program also allows your to restore lost iPhone voicemail from backup (including iTunes and iCloud backups).


How to Save A Wet iPhone - How to Save A Water Damaged iPhone

Thousands of pieces of electronic products falling into the water, and I feel certain terrible, but life will inevitably be accidents, so if misfortune befall on your side, then do their best to save is important.

iPhone is now very strong, and my iPhone falling off the table several times also have no damage, looks strong degree comparable to the Nokia, but the iPhone's biggest weakness is afraid of the water, the water may the tragedy of iPhone. Tragedy is inevasible, so when your iPhone was dropped into water or damaged by water, what to do? How to save your wet iPhone rather than senting back to factory at the first time?

The Reason Why Your iPhone Water Damaged

Related websites for almost two thousand years of 18 year-old British mobile phone users in the survey, the survey shows that 31% of respondents had experienced mobile water damaged. Influent reasons, fell into the toilet become the culprit, 47 percent of mobile phone fell into the toilet water. The reason for drinks spilled ranked second, only 21%. Among other reasons, 12% of people are the bath water, 7 percent of the mobile phone in the kitchen sink suffer. And on the pocket when it is thrown into the washing machine users, the proportion of 3%. In addition, there are some users fall theirs iPhone into the soup at meal time.

How to Save A Water Damaged iPhone Timely

It's very important to dry your wet iPhone timely when it dropping into the water, the effective drying method can not only save your iPhone, but also save the data from your iPhone. Unfortunately, if you found your data lost, or your iPhone can not work after water damaged, please don't worry, you can read this article to recover lost data from water damaged iPhone.

First of all:
1, as soon as possible so that iPhone and water separation, this is the need to race against time.

2, easily wiped out iPhone yield surface water, and then immediately forced shutdown (shutdown is very important to complete all of the following drying step before Do not turn on).

3, wearing protective shell iPhone and other ancillary objects should shell scored; after the water, if the headset, USB connection in the connection, disconnect immediately; screen film, then nothing can be necessary to remove air bubbles and other issues.

4, further processing, be sure to dry the surface thoroughly, dry. With a cloth, toilet paper, sponges. Full-dry, with particular attention to the power Power button, volume button, mute button, speakers, microphones, headphones, and other parts of the mouth, try to think of ways to be able to see the water drain dry, headphone jack and other parts can use a cotton swab or similar items .

If the latter iPhone 4/4S case, you happen to have a special tool can be removed, then carrying out the above step is completed, the bottom two screws removed as soon as possible, to remove iPhone 4/4S back cover, so batteries internal components you can see. If you find any obvious stains, then wipe clean. If you find that the battery may have near the ground or water side, you can further remove the battery (the other screws need to be removed), please remove the battery if the discretion under the circumstances. And non-professional demolition point, no need to further dismantled; the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 5 users do not consider this step, after all, only 4/4S split cover more convenient.

After further drying methods can be used: hair dryer, migang drying, natural drying

Surrounded by friends hair dryer can be used to blow hot air blowing a simple iPhone, pay attention to full-blown, the headphone jack, speaker and other parts of targeted hair. Note To maintain a certain distance, remember not to over-blow into focus a little too long. Open the back cover of the iPhone 4/4S can also be a wind blowing, remember to keep a certain distance even hair.

Drying method, more convenient common method is called migang law, after all, rice is very easy to get around things. The iPhone like a tank buried in the rice, you can achieve good drying purposes. The family had no migang, you can find a sealed box or bag and install some meters from the iPhone buried.

Migang drying time of at least one and a half. Conditional can also choose other drying methods. We should be careful not to get broken rice into the iPhone headphone port and other parts, meters and do not use too much dust.

Processing method called dry naturally, is to go through the above steps in iPhone, or none of the above conditions when the final choice. Also dry in dry, well-ventilated places. Without hair, you need migang drying process of natural drying time is longer, at least two days, if you do not feel that the insured can extend the time until drying is complete.

After processing the above steps, re-take out your iPhone, computer and see if you are lucky it? No problem the best. Have questions, please choose to charge power, may be out of power or battery abnormality.

Some problems may result after water datamaged

1. Failure of the existing system - but the equipment is not abnormal, then you can re-brush firmware and then restore the backup of it.

2. Screen Shade - may be water for the adverse effects of the screen, in some cases may improve over time, in some cases the screen will leave little trace.

3. Connect the computer has a reaction, but not power, DFU restore invalid. This time can detect whether a battery problem, can not boot the first choice is to replace the battery, a lot of the water situation, no problem after replacing the battery, and the battery is not expensive.

4. Can be turned on, but the rest of the failure of various buttons, speakers, headphones failure, touch screen insensitive, failures, etc. In these cases, the need for further maintenance and replacement of related accessories.

5. Worst-case scenario: Can not drive after changing the battery, the motherboard burned, we need to replace the motherboard. As we all konw, motherboard is the most expensive part in all of the components. To replace the mainboard, or change a new iPhone, suit yourself.

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Friendly reminder

It is worth mentioning that the individual behavior of users to make iPhone accidentally fell into the water and so on, Apple does not give any warranty, they are based on the color of the water-indicating paper between iPhone headphone jack and a data jack. If the user does not care to wet this water-indicating paper, the paper will turn red, Apple's after-sales service personnels will refuse warranty.


iOS 9 New Features: Two Applications Can Open On The Same Screen

Apple has just released the latest operating system iOS public beta 9, will be on the iPhone and iPad and other equipment for a major upgrade this fall. The upgrade will be Apple's products have been added many new features, including the new Apple News application, more powerful and intelligent personal assistant Siri iPad with better screen multi-tasking capabilities. US mainstream network media BI for iOS 9 new features for the inventory, and with screenshots.

This is the iOS 9 new search feature that displays applications and often linked to your frequently used.

You can even search for specific information in the Setup menu at the top of the search bar, no need to continue in-depth search.

Spotlight Search can also filter applications. Note that when I type "orange", the first result is "Orange Is The New Black", and reminds you can watch on Netflix and iTunes.

It also has a unit conversion function, such as between the pound and ounce, no longer need to open a Web browser to conversion.

In addition to e-mail, web pages, applications, iOS new search function 9 can also be used via SMS.

In iOS 9 system, the intelligent personal assistant Siri become more powerful and faster. You can ask it to do more complex things, such as display pictures since July 4 and so on.

iOS 9 newly added application Apple News, which can be based on your interests collect information from the network for you.

It is reading the news in Apple News screenshots.

Apple iOS 9 map now have public transportation point function.

Apple's new Notes application with more features, such as sketching.

In the Notes application, you can also add information to create to-do lists.

The new Notes applications have more formatting options, you can set the text format similar title, you can use bulleted item lists.

You can even add photos from your camera to Notes.

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends now appear in the application form, they are in the iPhone home screen.

In iOS 9 system, you can send more than five photos in an email.

Apple Apple Pay mobile payment system can now store loyalty card and branded credit cards.

In iOS 9 Photos application, you will notice a new folder specifically for storing pictures and screenshots from.

If you put two fingers on the iPad keyboard, you can be as a touchpad, move your cursor. Of course, this feature is limited to iPad.

Another unique feature of the iPad is: if you watch video on the specific application, when you exit the application, the video will still continue to play on your home screen.

On the iPad, you can run two applications simultaneously, of course, now limited to Apple applications.

If you do not want to use the screen separately, you can also choose to make this application occupies only a small portion of the screen. This feature is unique iPad.

Apple also redesigned the case font shift key on the keyboard. When you press this key, the letter will switch from uppercase to lowercase.

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iPhone Data Transfer, Switch Contacts Messages Photos And More From iPhone To iPhone 6S

 Related Hot Dynamic: iPhone 6S inner chip demystify - the 16GB version remains 

There had been rumors that, iPhone 6s 16GB version will be canceled, start from 32GB capacity.

Prior to the foreign website 9to5Mac got the iPhone 6s prototype, and gradually disclosed the metal shell and the logic board of the relevant information. And now, 9to5Mac has teamed famous for dismantling the sites ChipWorks disassembled iPhone 6s internal parts of the analysis, the final conclusions show the aircraft in addition to the pressure Force Touch touch screen, high pixel camera and Qualcomm LTE chip but also equipped with a new NFC chip, fewer chipset, but flash is still a 16GB capacity started.

The new NFC chip

According to 9to5Mac together famous chip analysis for dismantling site ChipWorks iPhone6s disassembled, the new machines with the NFC chip NXP 66VP2, which is used by the iPhone 6 NXP 65V10 different chips, is likely to increase the a security processor unit, thereby reducing the need for a separate processor.

Meanwhile, with iPhone6s logic board area becomes smaller, the number of chips used in the aircraft becomes less, for example from the past 10 components fell 3, and includes the necessary chip flash memory and processors, it is using a more sophisticated the process, which makes the iPhone 6s at power reduced, can provide equal or better performance.

Still 16GB memory

While there had been rumors that, iPhone 6s 16GB version will be canceled, start from 32GB capacity. However, according to the internal chip 9to5Mac exposure spy photos show, iPhone 6s still start 16GB storage capacity and provide flash memory chips Toshiba, using a 19-nanometer manufacturing process.

However, 9to5Mac also said there may be limited to 16GB capacity version of the test, but may provide greater capacity in the official version. In addition, because Apple executives said iCloud cloud services to help people store documents, photos, videos and music, so the 16GB capacity version can still meet the needs of most users.

No change shape

In addition, iPhone 6s still retains the Wi-Fi module from Cirrus Logic audio chip, Murata's, RFMD, Triquint, Avago and Skyworks unlimited power amplifier. At the same time according to 9to5Mac also receive protective sleeve design sketches provided by the manufacturer, and its own iPhone 6s prototype housing speculation, iPhone 6s should be compatible with most existing iPhone 6 accessories.

Because Apple 0.2mm error allowed between each section iPhone, and now the iPhone 6s up to only about 0.13 mm more than the iPhone 6, so these differences is almost impossible to distinguish by the naked eye. If the specific aspects of the data of 4.7 inches iPhone 6s, then the machine in length than the iPhone 6 more 0.16mm, and the width is more 0.13mm, errors are within the allowable range of Apple, so basically that in Dimensions It has been no significant change.

 iPhone Data Transfer - Switch Data from Old Phone to iPhone 6S 

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6S
How to Transfer Contacts from Old to New iPhone
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How to Transfer SMS Between Two iPhones
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How to Backup Data from iPhone 6S to PC/iTunes
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How to Transfer Data from Nokia to iPhone 6S


Obviously, we can easily foresee that so many users will be interested in the above issues when they bought a new iPhone 6S to replace the old iPhone or other device. Fortunately, there is always have an useful software can help you to easily transfer data from phone to phone.

Mobile Transfer is an outstanding transferring tool that bring you lots of convenience:
1. No matter you use any phone model under any phone brand, so long as your phone runs iOS, Android or Symbian operating system, you can download Mobile Transfer on your computer.
2. Mobile Transfer is the excellent software that you can transfer the data that you like from your old phone (iPhone/Android/Symbian/BlackBerry) to your iPhone 6S with only two or three steps.
3. Data including contacts, call logs, videos, music, photos, text messages, apps are all transferrable if you choose Mobile Transfer.
4. With the help of Mobile Transfer, you can backup your phone to the PC first and then restore to any other supported phone whenever you want.
5. You can move songs and playlists from iTunes to an iPhone 6S. Besides, you can also retrieve iTunes Backup and transfer contacts, text messages, photos, video, etc. to any supported mobile device.
6. Mobile Transfer helps to protect your personal data by erasing all of them from your old iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phone, safely and permanently.

Since Mobile Transfer do so much good to us, it is highly recommended to have a try on Mobile Transfer on your computer.

Step 1. Install and launch Mobile Transfer on your computer

After launching the Mobile Transfer software on your computer, the main window as follow will pop-up. Click the "Start" under the "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Connect both your old phone and iPhone 6S to computer

Now, use two USB cables to connect both of your old phone and iPhone 6S to the same computer. After connected, the software will detect their models and show them as "Source" and "Destination". If you want to change the places of the two phones, you can click the "Flip" button.

Note: Only if you want to delete all the data in the new iPhone "Destination", you can check the box "Clear data before copy". 

Step 3. Copy the selected data from old phone to iPhone 6S

You can find that you are able to move SMS, contacts, music, videos and so forth from your old phone to the new one. Just check the boxes of the data that you want to transfer. Then click "Start Copy" button to allow the software to transfer your data from old phone to the iPhone 6S.

Note: Please do not disconnect either of your phone during the transfer process.