iPhone 7 Conceptual Design, Let You Can Not Refuse

First, the designer will fingerprint recognition capabilities built into the screen, and then joined the wireless charging function, and finally the iPhone 7 joined the multi-camera module.

iPhone 7 will now be discussed further on some premature, after all, we have to wait until next year to see it in September of Mami. This does not prevent Reddit user Afikouras to play to their imagination, and so far all combine rumors about iPhone 7 devised looks unrealistic, but people can not refuse the iPhone 7 conceptual design.

This concept iPhone 7 design has three main characteristics: First, the designer will fingerprint recognition capabilities built into the screen, and then joined the wireless charging function, and finally the iPhone 7 joined the multi-camera module. Apple in early 2015 to 20 million price of the acquisition of the Linx lens company, and Linx possess, multi-camera system can capture the effect clearer pictures in dimly lit environments.

In addition, Afikouras iPhone 7 yet joined the curved body design, some of the products like Motorola, this body is more ergonomic design. Finally, gradient colors are bright spots after the shell, very memorable.

Although this is only 7 iPhone concept design, but many people saw some very fond of. In fact, designers will MacBook, iPad Pro and iPad Touch and other Apple products design elements into the iPhone 7, it seems people can not really refuse.


Apple Will Launch The Next Generation iPhone In The Third Quarter Of Next Year

Although the iPhone 6s series has been the first time with 2GB of memory, but it seems that Apple does not satisfy this upgrade, we are also preparing to launch in the next year to enhance the memory capacity of the next generation iPhone again. Recently, according to well-known news analyst Kuo Ming-pool KGI Securities disclosed that Apple will launch in the third quarter of next year the next generation iPhone, the same will be 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in two versions, is expected to adopt A10 processor, but two On the models equipped with the memory capacity will vary. Among them, the 4.7 inches of the iPhone 7 will be loaded with 2GB of memory, and 5.5 inches of iPhone 7 Plus will provide 3GB of RAM.

Equipped With 3GB RAM

According to KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-pool represents well-known in the latest report submitted, Apple will still be launched in the third quarter of next year the next generation iPhone, and will be equipped with the new A10 processor, but it will also provide 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus two models, but on the part of the configuration will differ slightly. Wherein, iPhone7 Plus will be possible to use 3GB of RAM, and 2GB of memory iPhone7 remains unchanged. In other words, Apple will once again widen the gap iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus on the configuration.

In addition, although Kuo pool did not disclose specific details of the new A10 processor, but said the product electricity would be this processor 7 iPhone exclusive supplier. As for the recent spread of the iPhone 7 will adopt a new waterproof, dustproof design, as well, or will give up metal body, instead of the many rumors of other materials, Kuo Ming-pool did not comment.

Body May More Thinner

It is worth mentioning that, Kuo Ming-pool for the Apple iPhone has always been to predict accurately known, he had accurately predicted this year's Apple product line upgrade, including the iPhone 6s body becomes thicker, the use of 7000 series aluminum alloy and feeling pressure to join Force Touch control and other functions. Meanwhile Kuo pool also had been predicted for iPhone 7, it said it would be the thinnest ever iPhone. Allegedly body thickness comparable iPad Air 2 and the latest iPod touch, only between 6-6.5mm.

At the same time according to news media reports in Taiwan said that the next generation iPhone is also expected to re-use the G / G (glass-to-glass) touch panel technology, which will benefit the iPhone 7 ultra-narrow border design. And also for the next generation Apple iPhone assess join waterproof function, it is likely to be Apple Watch waterproof programs to cell phones, through better processor and waterproof seal Seda to waterproof effect.

4-inch iPhone

And for the once so hot after 4-inch screen iPhone, Kuo Ming-pool this report reaffirmed the existence of the aircraft and said four inches iPhone a bit like an upgraded version of the iPhone 5s, will load A9 processor, and will also metal shell design, rather than the iPhone 5c as plastic housings.

However, Guo Ming pool is expected that this will not be equipped with a 4-inch iPhone 3D Touch function, which reflects the difference between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus's. Although large-screen smart phone technology is the industry trend, but Kuo Ming-pool 4 inches think iPhone remains a healthy market, and Apple will ship in the first half of next year, and by the end of shipments is expected to reach 20 million to 30 million.

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