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iPhone 7c probably launch in the first quarter of next year, it is learned that the iPhone 7c will be priced between $400 to $500.

With the recent iPhone 6c in Apple's official website exposure, many people are concerned about when this new four inches machine will debut. And now, the latest reports from Taiwan BBC News that Apple's screen panel maker AU Optronics is involved in one of four inches iPhone touch screen panel manufacturing several companies, is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2016. But also precisely because of change in the next year release of the reason that the printing of speculation, this four inches new machine or will be named iPhone 7c.

According to Taiwan's United News reported that AUO to start broadcasting the low-end four inches touch screen cut and have incorporated its L3A and 3B plant to build a low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) workshop for iPhone 7c manufacturing touch screen paneland it plans to ship in the first quarter of next year. While allegedly involved in the iPhone 4 inches manufacturers AU Optronics addition, there's also from mainland China, China Taiwan, and South Korea manufacturers.

Only this time to Taiwan media reports did not mention the iPhone 4 inches touch screen panel shipments in the first quarter of next year the exact shipping time, but also did not disclose when Apple will launch a small size 4 inches iPhone. However, under normal circumstances, from complete production to enter the retail stage, often not far from the time, it is expected that the new iPhone 4 inches in the first quarter of next year release should not be much of a problem.

Prior to this, the industry has been rumored that Apple will launch three iPhone this year, and with 4-inch touch-screen iPhone 6c or synchronization debut news. But analysts KGI denied such a statement, said this year there will be four inches touch screen models debut. At the same time in mid-April, the Taiwan media also quoted industry sources said chain, AUO Taiwan companies signed a supply contract with Apple, AUO will supply Apple iPhone 7c equipped with 4-inch touch screen panel, and in the next year quarter shipments.

As Apple has chosen to provide the main reason for iPhone 7c AUO touch screen panel, it may be in order to control costs and thus improve the iPhone touch screen panel crux of a serious shortage of production capacity. In the past, iPhone touch screen panel of the main suppliers mainly JDI and LG, Sharp is a secondary supplier.

As the main feature of this aspect of the so-called iPhone 7c alleged aircraft will support Touch ID fingerprint recognition, and increase NFC near field communication technology, with Gorilla Glass low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) touch screen panel. However, due to reasons of cost and positioning control on, iPhone 7c will be equipped with A8 processor. In addition, based on past exposure of the spy photos show the aircraft shape and iPhone 5c similar, but the back of the flash to change the capsule shape, and the bottom of the back cover is double the speaker, compared to a single row of iPhone 5c speaker has experienced a significant change .

iPhone 7c also rumors continue to use the plastic material body, allegedly by the Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron (Wistron) OEM. At the same time according to the statement, sources previously disclosed, the price will be the key to success whether the aircraft. It is reported that, iPhone 7c will be priced between $ 400-500.

With the accelerated pace of upgrading iphone, many users may complain that the new models coming too fast, not just the iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, even iPhone 7C etc. However, most of users can not resist the charm of the new generation iPhone to buy a fully new iPhone and replace the old one. As a matter of fact, this is clearly not the most troublesome or tangled problems. To many users, they may be more troubled for how to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone, how to restore data to iPhone from backup(iTunes backup, iCloud backup or backups from 3rd party tool), or how to sync data from PC to new iPhone.

On the surface this is a complex and exhausting work, in fact, for people who grasp the method, it is probably much ado about nothing. Just like Mobile Transfer, it's the most comprehensive and professional solution for user who wanting to backup data from iPhone to computer, restore data from PC or backups to iPhone, sync data from iPhone to iPhone (as well as one iOS device to another), and even erase all data from iPhone before selling it. What you need is just the Mobile Transfer tool, USB cable(s) and a computer.

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