The WWDC 2015 - Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2015

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference which referred to WWDC, organized annually by Apple in the United States. The main objectives of the conference is to allow Apple to developers to showcase the latest software and technology.

2015 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2015) in San Francisco is now officially open. Barring unforeseen circumstances, Apple will launch the conference on the latest streaming music service Apple Music, and released the new operating system iOS 9, and Apple Watch system update, let us focus on latest developments of the General Assembly.

Re-design more intelligent, Apple announced iOS 9 new system
2015 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2015) in San Francisco officially opened this year on the theme "the epicenter of change". After OS X is redesigned iOS 9, the entire system will be more intelligent.

First introduced the redesigned interface is very nice Siri, the new voice assistant will help you find more. Improved features make these portable assistant Siri becomes better, it would be recommended that the activities carried out by the device according to your usage scenario changes. For example: If you add an address in an event in the calendar application in, Siri will remind you ought to departure time. iOS 9 will provide a deeper level of information search, Apple even provides a search API interface, so that users can search more APP inside information.

In everyday use of iOS 9 will provide more intelligence experience, when you pick up the iPhone the first time in the morning, it will automatically suggest the need to open the APP according to your daily habits. Browser search, mail and other historical usage records, will be recorded phone down and generate reminders. But you have nothing to worry about data leakage, all records will only be stored in the device. Apple ID is not associated with, nor shared with third parties.

Apple released the new version of OS X named El Capitan, the fall will be able to free updates

Craig Federighi, senior vice president at the scene Apple introduced some new features of the new system. According to reports, OS X El Capitan on the performance of the whole system is performed improved.

The new system added to the split-screen mode, you can cross-screen operation; new gestures can make a lot more simple and quick operation, such as deleting a message from the message APP Lane; the Safari joined the pinned tab, the page mute small function. Craig Federighi also announced El Capitan will be officially launched this autumn Free, global users can update for free.

Statistics show, El Capitan is Spanish, meaning stone chiefs, Yosemite National Park, which is a piece of exposed granite in the ground monomers, 1100 m high rock, through the 5700 years, it has attracted many admiring climbers.

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