Next Generation iPhone Becomes Thicker Body And May Increase Rose Gold

The next generation iPhone will use 7000 series aluminum body material.

Previous next generation iPhone rumors are that the opportunity to become thinner, but now the latest news claimed that a slight increase in thickness of the fuselage. Recently, according to the report KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-pool submitted famous prediction that the next generation iPhone will become wider and longer, as it will increase the thickness of 0.2mm, the main reason is due to the integration of sake Force Touch technology. Meanwhile the next generation iPhone will use 7000 series aluminum body material, and make some adjustments in the color models are likely to be introduced rose gold version, expected to be officially on sale in September.

Body Becomes Thicker

According to the latest forecast KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-pool well-known that Apple's next generation iPhone will use a lot of design from Apple Watch will not only bring pressure Force Touch touch technology, and the body will also use the 7000 series aluminum material, hardness than iPhone 6 increased by 60% in order to avoid "bending the door," the problem recurs.

Kuo Ming-pool while also forecasting the shape of the next-generation iPhone will not have changed much, but the body size becomes wider and longer than the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, increase by about 0.15 mm, and the thickness of the body will increase 0.2 mm, mainly due to the integration of the next generation iPhone will cause Force Touch the touch screen technology.

There May Be Changes In Color

And it is on the body material change, Kuo Ming-pool also predicted the next iPhone will be slight changes color models, such as the existing champagne will be closer to golden yellow, and deep space gray version of the color will be deeper. In addition, Apple will add the previous rumors of rose gold version, and the color will work with 18K rose gold version Apple Watc similar, but not immediately clear whether there will be a more expensive 18K rose gold version debut.

Of course, the above statement had in fact related rumors, such as Apple supplier Catcher Technology recently suggesting that the next generation iPhone will be the introduction of new materials, to provide higher hardness, and "Wall Street Journal" in the past has also been disclosed that the next generation iPhone rose gold version will be added. As integration Force Touch pressure touch technology is already reported, and has landed Apple Watch as well as in Apple's latest MacBook.

September Will Be On Sale

The next generation iPhone rumors will also increase the memory capacity of 2GB, with the new A9 processor, and the camera to upgrade to 12 million pixels, has a faster focusing speed and added GBW sensor technology to enhance the brightness of photographs and reduce low-light conditions under color noise. As for the next generation iPhone release date, although the pool had Kuo has said may be brought forward to August launch, but this is forecast will, as usual in September officially listed.

According to earlier media Techmaniacs Greece broke the news that the next generation iPhone will be released on September 8, and then open the sale on September 19, as officially started selling time was September 25. Currently, Apple foundry and master science and technology has begun to recruit a large number of new employees, the next generation iPhone, or the amount of production in August before, everything seems to be in accordance with Apple's established plan an orderly proceeding.

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