Apple's Taiwan Foundries Pegatron Hinted That The iPhone 6S Upcoming Mass Production

Recently, the chairman of Pegatron Zixian Tong has revealed that the factories of Pegatron are increase enrollment.

Recently, Apple Taiwan behalf of the business and the master at the shareholders meeting, chairman hinted that Apple's new generation of intelligent machines iPhone 6S is about mass production. According to media reports, and Master Technology Chairman boy virtuous in June 15 shareholders' meeting revealed that the mainland and large factories are enrollment. "The boy virtuous 'mainland factories to recruit people' one said, revealed a large number of Apple iPhone 6S production in August to September, and the master must be prepared in advance and therefore human, to meet orders." Taiwan media analysts said.

Taiwan media also said the boy virtuous enrollment did not disclose the number of people in mainland factories, but considering the iPhone 6S thinner than the previous generation, need more manpower to assist, and the master is expected to add tens of thousands of employees, then mainland production line will increase about 10 million people.

According to Internet rumors, compared to iPhone 6, iPhone 6S has improved hardware, such as the back with dual camera hole, starting from 16GB storage space increased to 32GB, 4.7-inch version of the screen resolution increased to 1080P, 5.5 inch version of the upgrade to 2K level , body waterproof, wireless charging, rear camera raised 12 million pixels, with new touch-screen technology Force Touch like.

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