What Are the New Changes in iPhone 7 - New Characters of iPhone 7

A new generation of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the style will not be much change, and the dual camera, cancel the 3.5mm headset interface, wireless charging, virtual Home keys and so are the new iPhone 7 change of concern.

Apple usually held a press conference every year in September, released their star products, and this year is no exception. Now, the news about the new generation of iPhone has also been exposed almost, from the name, appearance design, configuration to the new features, basically we have learned about the same.

It seems that Apple has not paid much attention to the secret work since it was in the Cook era. Before the Jobs era, every time before the conference, the mysterious feeling and sense of anticipation Bengtiyouduo high, a few months ago, and now it seems to iPhone, basically about the news has been exposed.

Although this year's iPhone what seems to be no big surprise, but there is still a lot of places worthy of attention, let us look at this year's focus on the new iPhone news and rumors summary before the conference.


Of course, previously, outsiders believe that a new generation of new iPhone will be named iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and many media and websites have also started to use this call. But at the end of 7, the news from Apfelpage.de shows that Apple has started to look for new iPhone printing packaging, the new generation of iPhone will be named iPhone 6SE, rather than before the iPhone 7.

Recently, however, there are friends broke the news that iPhone 6SE is actually the change of iPhone 6S, there will be four kinds of color, and Apple will launch iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this year, but are equipped with a dual camera.

Cancel 3.5mm Earphone Interface

About the view canceling 3.5mm earphone interface have been put forward for a long time, Among them, there have been a lot of changes and reverse, but the current point of view this design has basically been affirmed. Although for this design, there are many disputes in accordance with the outside world, but Apple has been "style, even if users persist in wilfully and arbitrarily" against Apple can not stop the determination to change.

In addition, cancel 3.5mm interface, Apple will launch a converter, to calm user dissatisfaction, but as for the converter is composed by the users to spend money to buy extra or bundled, now is not good enough.

The standard OIS optical image stabilization, iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with dual cameras

Dual camera seems to have started to become the development trend of the smart phone market, Apple seems to have to respond to this. But in iPhone 7, with a dual camera will be 5.5 inches iPhone 7 Plus, and 4.7 inches of iPhone 7 will still continue the design of a single camera.

In addition, there are iPhone 7 camera module component photo exposure, and from the photo, the iPhone 7 camera using a flexible connection cable, and this is different from the 6S iPhone and Plus 6S are significantly different. Therefore, iPhone 7 is likely to be the standard optical image stabilization system.

Before the 6S Plus iPhone is equipped with an optical stability, and this feature can reduce the problem of motion blur, in the dynamic target and the weak light environment to provide better picture effect. However, this module requires a larger volume, and has never provided space for motion compensation mechanism.

From the photos, iPhone 7 will also increase the optical stabilization system, and iPhone 7 Plus and may even be equipped with dual cameras, but second camera is responsible for what is unclear, which may provide a telephoto, may also use as image enhancement.

Virtual Home Key

Home key of the iPhone 7 will be hidden in the bottom of the glass panel, although there is not much change, but the actual will not be able to carry out physical pressure, all the way through the pressure sensitive operation. In addition, if the use of such a virtual Home key, then there may be in the Home key to achieve Touch 3D function, then the iPhone 7 mode of operation will be further enriched a lot.

Ceramic Material Body

From iPhone 5, Apple has used the technology on the iPhone body, and although it does look good, but sometimes the back of the antenna design will become some of the factors that are not harmonious. And there is news that Apple will use the iPhone 7 on the ceramic body, this is not only more durable, more light, but also can solve the disadvantage of the back of the antenna with a beautiful enough.

Charging Speed Increase, Support for Wireless Charging

Due to changes in the material of the ceramic body, Apple will increase the wireless charging function for iPhone 7, will use the phone back contacts and Lightning Air wireless charging module to achieve the wireless charging function. In other words, if the user wants to use a wireless charging function, but also to the official website to buy a wireless charging module Air Lightning ", and then the metal point with the back of the mobile phone connection, so as to realize the wireless charging.

In addition to supporting wireless charging, the charging speed, iPhone 7 will also have a substantial improvement. After all, now many Android smart phones have been supporting fast charging technology, apple does not follow up, it seems to be too behind.

Prior to the day, the media exposure of a iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 power management chip comparison chart, and said the latter will support at least 5V, 2A charging power, compared to the previous models have significantly improved. As a result, iPhone 7 charging speed will be much faster.

According to the test, iPhone 6 and 6S in the use of iPad charger charging speed will be significantly accelerated, 2 hours will be charged to 90% of the electricity. But if this time the rumors are true, then iPhone 7 users do not have to use this strategy.

Storage Capacity of Fuselage

For iPhone's 6S 16GB and Plus users, the space is really very painful only care, good news iPhone 7 may start from the capacity of 32GB.

In a new generation of iPhone 7, Apple will be started directly from the 32GB, but canceled the 64GB version, to provide a combination of 32GB/128GB/256GB storage, which for the purchase of the standard version of iPhone7 users will undoubtedly be a big plus.

Black is Darker, and Blue

Currently 6S iPhone provides four versions of gray, gold, silver and rose gold, and there is news that Apple will adjust the color of the product on iPhone 7.

The first is more than the current space grey black carbon black. From the picture, the carbon black version of the iPhone 7 than it is now deep space gray iPhone 6S color deeper, a big advantage is that after the collocation and antenna have been redesigned, almost imperceptible antenna of the existence, so that the mobile phone has a higher overall back.

Next is the more people look forward to the blue version of the. You know, in the Galaxy Note 7 Samsung new coral blue has beautiful appearance, and by many users, and for the fruit powder, if there is a blue iPhone 7, then it will become a new bright spot.

Release Date

Currently there are many sources have said that apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be released in September 7th, while the specific date of the listing will be September 16th or 23. One of the internal documents from the AT&T in September 23rd, and September 16th is from the famous Blass Evan.

Recently, Evan Blass once again confirmed this statement, September 7th conference held in September 16th, listed on sale, basically to achieve very high possibility.

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