Apple Officially Sent Invitations, September 9 Release Of New iPhone

When Apple is expected to release the next generation it will not only "iPhone 6s", also is expected to launch Apple TV set-top boxes.

August 28, Apple issued invitations to the media community, inviting them to participate in scheduled for September 9 in San Francisco - Bill Graham held Municipal Auditorium (Bill Graham Civic Auditorium) conference, expected when the company will not only showcase its next-generation "iPhone 6s" smart phone, but will introduce a personal voice assistant service Siri support Apple TV set-top boxes.

Apple The conference slogan is "Hey Siri, give us a hint", which is likely to be alluding to the Apple TV set-top boxes will support improved voice input. The industry also widely expected, the new Apple TV set-top boxes will be equipped with one kind of redesigned touchpad remote control, and equipped with a dedicated App Store application store for users to download third-party applications.

On the next generation iPhone, it is expected the so-called "iPhone 6s" will support the Force Touch function, this pressure-sensitive context input method has been available for Apple Watch Smart Watch and the latest MacBook notebook.

As rumors that Apple will launch September 9 in San Francisco - Bill Graham held Municipal Auditorium, the auditorium seats 7,000, is much larger than place for holding annual iPhone launch Apple traditionally --Yerba Buena Center can only accommodate 1,470 participants, while Flint Center can only accommodate 2,400 people.

If you like Apple, as expected adhere to follow its usual product release schedule, then the company is likely to start selling the new iPhone on September 18. In addition, the new Apple TV set-top boxes is expected to also be listed shortly after publication.

Now from the Apple product launches have been held less than two weeks time, and leaked news about the new iPhone parts and other details continued to emerge, but many of the details are already known to the market. US technology blog AppleInsider has published an exclusive report in February that the new iPhone will support Force Touch function; and in March this year, the sources said, the phone will be equipped with 2GB RAM.

Leakage of information from the relevant parts and iOS codes of view, "iPhone 6s" and larger "iPhone 6s Plus" will support Force Touch function. In addition, the new iPhone is expected will be equipped with "A9" processor, and uses the same with Apple Watch Smart Watch 7000 series aluminum alloy material.

Other leaked information indicates that, "iPhone 6s" will be equipped with a 12 million pixel camera, you can shoot 4K resolution video. From hidden in iOS 9 operating system code, the phone will be equipped with a positive flash and 1080p resolution front camera, so as to provide better self-timer function, especially in low-light environments.

Another change is expected Apple will also offer a new rose gold color choices for the newest iPhone. Currently, iPhone is available in three colors for the user to choose from, namely Space Grey, white and gold.

Earlier this year there was news source revealed to AppleInsider, 4.7 inches "iPhone 6s" code on Apple's internal development stage is "N71", 5.5-inch "iPhone 6s Plus" internal code "N66".

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