iOS 9 New Features: Two Applications Can Open On The Same Screen

Apple has just released the latest operating system iOS public beta 9, will be on the iPhone and iPad and other equipment for a major upgrade this fall. The upgrade will be Apple's products have been added many new features, including the new Apple News application, more powerful and intelligent personal assistant Siri iPad with better screen multi-tasking capabilities. US mainstream network media BI for iOS 9 new features for the inventory, and with screenshots.

This is the iOS 9 new search feature that displays applications and often linked to your frequently used.

You can even search for specific information in the Setup menu at the top of the search bar, no need to continue in-depth search.

Spotlight Search can also filter applications. Note that when I type "orange", the first result is "Orange Is The New Black", and reminds you can watch on Netflix and iTunes.

It also has a unit conversion function, such as between the pound and ounce, no longer need to open a Web browser to conversion.

In addition to e-mail, web pages, applications, iOS new search function 9 can also be used via SMS.

In iOS 9 system, the intelligent personal assistant Siri become more powerful and faster. You can ask it to do more complex things, such as display pictures since July 4 and so on.

iOS 9 newly added application Apple News, which can be based on your interests collect information from the network for you.

It is reading the news in Apple News screenshots.

Apple iOS 9 map now have public transportation point function.

Apple's new Notes application with more features, such as sketching.

In the Notes application, you can also add information to create to-do lists.

The new Notes applications have more formatting options, you can set the text format similar title, you can use bulleted item lists.

You can even add photos from your camera to Notes.

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends now appear in the application form, they are in the iPhone home screen.

In iOS 9 system, you can send more than five photos in an email.

Apple Apple Pay mobile payment system can now store loyalty card and branded credit cards.

In iOS 9 Photos application, you will notice a new folder specifically for storing pictures and screenshots from.

If you put two fingers on the iPad keyboard, you can be as a touchpad, move your cursor. Of course, this feature is limited to iPad.

Another unique feature of the iPad is: if you watch video on the specific application, when you exit the application, the video will still continue to play on your home screen.

On the iPad, you can run two applications simultaneously, of course, now limited to Apple applications.

If you do not want to use the screen separately, you can also choose to make this application occupies only a small portion of the screen. This feature is unique iPad.

Apple also redesigned the case font shift key on the keyboard. When you press this key, the letter will switch from uppercase to lowercase.

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