Apple A9 Processor's Run-Sub Was Leaked, Design Drawings For The First Time To Exposure

A9 processor uses the latest nano-technology, compared to the A8, the overall performance has a more substantial upgrade, but also in terms of volume to shrink by 15%.

iPhone 6s will be equipped with A9 processor is not a new topic, but in the end how this processor performance, extremely few detailed reports and information. Fortunately, with the upcoming release of iPhone 6s, users quoted South Korean sources in the micro-blog, broke the news that, in Geekbench 3 run-sub score of A9 processor, its single-core performance is 2090, multi-threaded score is 3569, and compared to the A8, CPU performance has 28.5 percent increase, while the GPU even 60% improvement.

Run-Sub Score Exposured

According to friends quoted a source from South Korea's disclosure that Apple A9 processor Geekbench 3 run sub-score is quite prominent, and its single-core score of 2090, while multi-threading is 3569 points. Meanwhile A9 processor clocked at 1.85GHz, the distribution of the GPU is the dual-core architecture, the actual representation is offscreen Manhattan is 30.3fps, Tyrannosaurus offscreen is 66fps.

Apple A9 processor also uses a new 14-nanometer process, and rumors of a three-core architecture, the overall performance compared to the A8 processors have greatly improved. According to the disclosure statement of net friend, which has 28.5% of the CPU performance upgrade than A8, while the GPU is 60% improvement.

Processor Drawing Exposured

In addition, in the microblogging, there are friends leaked Apple A9 processor drawings, and said that this processor chip integrates power management, but no baseband chip on the motherboard. At the same time compared to A8 processor, for its size to shrink 15 percent CPU, and CPU shielding cover has one millimeter thick fins, canceled the original Wi-Fi cable.

Meanwhile, according to the users say, iPhone 6s storage capacity is still 16GB / 64GB / 128GB three versions, 32GB version does not exist, the Samsung 14-nanometer process A9 processor has large number of suppliers, which means the first sale iPhone 6s loaded majority of Samsung Foundry's A9 processor.

With 2GB of Memory

And for the iPhone 6s had heard there may be equipped with 1GB of RAM rumors, the news from South Korean media said, iPhone 6s series two models will be equipped with 2GB of memory, and uses LPDDR4 specifications, not only faster data transmission, and can consumption also has a good performance. IPhone 6s while two new series of touch-screen machines, either size or resolution will remain unchanged.

As we are concerned about the iPhone 6s release schedule, there is now once again confirmed Gori.me Apple conference will be held on September 9, the official launch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus two new machines, and then turn on the reservation in September 11 the final time to market compared to September 18. At the same time the Japanese media also said iPhone 6s will use 7000 series aluminum alloy body, but the appearance is not much difference than the iPhone 6. However, due to the use of new materials, so the body will thicken iPhone 6s, the volume will increase slightly.

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