Exposure iPhone 6S Has Been Put Into Operation, Eight Characteristics Behind The Scenes

Apple has begun to component makers under a single, or will start producing a new generation of iPhone.

In the past, before the release of the next generation iPhone, outgoing messages are often insufficient production yield, thereby resulting in release of the statement may be delayed. However, such a situation does not seem to appear on the iPhone 6s. According to Taiwan media quoted sources said the supply chain, the overall yield iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus better than expected in September this year, released absolutely no problem, even in advance to the August launch of mention.

Confirm million-pixel camera

According to Taiwan media, "Economic Daily" quoted chain of revelations that Apple has begun to component makers under a single, next-generation iPhone, or will begin production, and due to the overall production yields better than expected, it is expected that this year 9 the month can be released on time, or even ahead to August there is no problem.

Meanwhile the news from the industrial chain also confirmed that a new generation of iPhone's camera will be upgraded to 12 million pixels of the rumors and said that orders for large vertical light exclusively by Taiwan manufacturers, foundries still Hon Hai and Pegatron. In addition, the new generation iPhone is still 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches two, there is not much change in appearance, but the new version on the basis of past gold rose Space Grey, gold and silver and other color models, the main female market, and by the It can become and F- Kason other vendors manufacture.

The eight characteristics with

In addition to million-pixel camera to upgrade to a new level and beyond rose gold version two characteristics, according to Taiwan media also summarized under the vendor's future iPhone 6s and six other major feature of the iPhone 6s Plus. For example, both the new generation of iPhone will be powered by A9 processor, processing performance will be faster and more power suppliers, compared with TSMC and ASE and the like; a memory upgrade to 2GB LPDDR4, will be provided by Samsung, Hynix, Inotera like.

In addition, a new generation of iPhone will also support pressure sensing technology (Force Touch), its components supplied by F-TPK Chen Hung; and also to improve the voice quality speaker and microphone, provide a more stable and clear voice effects, and benefit from the supply Suppliers are AAC and so on. And for the previous iPhone 6 Plus prone to bending and other shortcomings, the new generation iPhone will use different materials, and improve internal mechanical design, enhance user experience Touch ID and push up Apple Pay penetration, as manufacturers benefit ASE include Thang and so on.

iPhone 6S higher proportion of shipments

Obviously, the news is basically not much difference with the previous KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-pool prediction. Prior to this, Kuo Ming-pool in their reports, said, iPhone 6s will be using a new metal material, and 5.5 inches version of the iPhone 6s Plus also possible to use better scratch resistance sapphire crystal mirror, but whether even The end result depends on the fall tests.

As we are concerned about the release schedule, Kuo Ming-pool is the amount of information provided by iPhone 6s production beginning in late August this year, will, and Date and time should be almost the same in previous years. Kuo Ming-pool while also forecast total 6s iPhone and iPhone 6s Plus shipping between 8000-9000 million, while the proportion of shipments 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, compared with version 2: 1.

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