iPhone 4S Can Smoothly Use The Optimized iOS 9

The Welfare of old Apple equipment, iPhone 4S can also upgrade to iOS 9.

According to 9to5Mac reported that, iOS 9 with OS X 10.11 will be on the background of large-scale adjustments will expand around the stability, security, performance in three aspects, and the following equipment will be upgraded iOS 9, and willWe will have a good user experience, many of them, including the iPhone 4S old equipment.

Apple iOS 9 in order to allow the smooth running of the old equipment, it has done a lot of optimization, simply put, it is not unlike all previous support for the old models, excluding the core functionality of the new system, and allowing direct operation. The apple is really a lot of optimization iOS9, not only to retain the new features, but also taking into account the size of the old equipment running memory and compressed update package size, and also life has done a certain amount of optimization.

It is reported that iOS9 will release this year's WWDC conference, iOS9 likely to join parental control, multi-user login, FaceTime hangout, split-screen multitasking, power saving mode and so some believe can work. Let us also WWDC conference in June this year from 8 to 12 held the wait and see.

9to5Mac Web site also reported that the new version of iOS and OS X systems will increase several new features, these new features mainly concerned with safety. For example, it added a function called Rootless, an important part is prohibited by modifying the operating system against malicious software attacks and protect data security. It also makes it difficult to jailbreak iPhone and iPad a lot.

Other security features include more applications move to iCloud Drive, as well as the use of better encryption when connecting unfamiliar WiFi.

The new OS X system is said to be similar to the control center with iOS, users can more easily use the frequently used control operations. In addition, newly added features small, the new system will focus on stability and polish the user interface.

Apple will be June 8 announcement of the new system, new features and new features, not have to wait too long we will be able to understand Apple's new plan more.

Support iOS 9 upgrade Apple device:

iPhone 4s

iPhone 5

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPad mini (1st release)

iPad mini 2

iPad mini 3

iPad 2

iPad 3rd gen (last with 30-pin)

iPad 4th gen (first with Lightning)

iPad Air

iPad Air 2

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