Apple iOS 10 May Supports To Uninstall The Official Apps

iOS 10 will be launched on WWDC 2016, it is expected the application store, iTunes, Siri and many other services will get updated, better user experience.

Apple will be June 13 to 17 held WWDC developer conference, is expected to launch a new version of iOS (iOS 10), while a range of services and software for the improvement and transformation. Clearly, Apple needs after the full highlights of Google I / O 2016 Conference for developers and users more confidence and surprise, take a look at the following changes in iOS 10 may occur.

Applications and Store

Application, first iOS 10 or hide the support function of the official application, this is the user always wanted to see. In addition, the expected HomeKit will have a stand-alone application, allowing users to better manage third-party smart home products. As for iOS news application 9, it may involve more markets and increase the paid subscriptions.

As for the App Store, Apple vice president Phil Schiller said the company is being carried out to improve its long-term existence of some problems, especially in search and discovery capabilities. Earlier, a report also proved that Apple's App Store is likely to re-design the layout design, and improve search performance.

Apple Music

Expected, Apple Music will overhaul in iOS 10, including the new UI interface, integrated lyrics and new music recommendation function. In fact, although Apple Music launched at the beginning of the conservative criticism, mainly in logical confusion, poor experience and so on, but the number of users has exceeded 11 million, is expected to more than 15 million, is very popular, the use of the software upgrade will help its further development.


Earlier this year, the report said Apple plans to integrate Siri to OS X 10.12, the leaked screenshots have already confirmed this. In addition, Apple is also possible to open Siri's SDK, allowing developers to more use of its features, enhanced software and services, in order to face competition from Google assistants. Meanwhile, rumors that Apple is also developing new Siri speaker hardware, built-in voice control, intelligent home control function, and Amazon Echo, Google Home and other products to compete.

iCloud security

Year, Apple dispute with the FBI to become the focus of the industry, although the last FBI through other means to break the iPhone, but Apple user privacy and data security to uphold or an affirmative. On the WWDC 2016, Apple will continue to believe that security as a selling point, to promote respect for Apple users' privacy, and how to better protect user privacy.

Apple Pay and Touch ID

Apple Pay in the past year was a great progress, which entered the Chinese market is undoubtedly the most attention. It is reported that Apple's next plan is to support ATM systems, and in more countries and regions launched service. In addition, OS X 10.12 is also likely to support Touch ID function, so that the new Mac computers support fingerprint to unlock.


From the current leaked news of view, changes in iOS 10 seems to be more focused on improving aspects, and not too many bright spots. Apparently, Google in artificial intelligence, virtual reality has already demonstrated considerable determination, I / O 2016 full highlights, Apple also needs to come up with more service ace on the WWDC 2016, iOS allows users to maintain confidence, it is possible in remission status iPhone sales decline to a certain extent.


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