Safari Encounters Big Bug Which Can Cause iPhone/Mac Crashes

Apple's Safari browser seems recently encountered a worldwide problem. Whether Among iOS or OS X systems, perform a search from the address bar will cause the browser to crash in some cases.

According to the iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith noted that the issue is concerned with Safari search suggestion feature. Users can turn off this feature, or use the privacy mode as a temporary solution. Not every user will receive the impact of this issue, it may be because they are stored the search suggestions in local, or still can connect to Apple's servers under the help of DNS cache.

Apple has just encountered a software problem two months ago: A security vulnerability exists in the Mac computer, forcing some of the equipment to remove and reinstall the software downloaded from the App Store. With Apple tries transition from SHA1 encryption standard to a more secure SHA-2, an expired security certificate which is used to verify their application will force the Mac user to reinstall part of the softwares, this is mainly because some applications among the App Store does not support SHA-2 standard.

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